The validity of his thoughts and soul-searching teachings is his legacy to humanity. The applicability of his deathless examples is his heritage to his people. Racal’s prophetic insights and matchless visions on how the Filipinos can traverse the road to progress so that they can enjoy the fullness of nationhood – economically, politically, educationally.

Socially, and culturally under the mantle of national solidarity -? are inspiring. He will continue to live because he embodies the virtues of a God-loving son, a Leading Virtues: C]Love of God Capacity and Idealism Noble Conduct Clove of Fellowmen C] Love of Parents 0 Charity CLC Love of Country C]Courage C] Will-Power C] Honesty C] Devotion to Truth Love of God Believe in the Existence Of a Creator” Racal’s first admirable virtue and example was his love and faith in cod. When he was studying in Madrid,

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Spain (1882-1885), Racial assured his mother of his trust in God. We have been born . In the midst off society whose political life is so anomalous that we have no other hope but to submit or succumb: Whichever is preferable, conscience will decide. Let us then trust in God and in the sincerity of our intention. When his sister Olympia died after childbirth upon his arrival to the Philippines from Europe in August 1887, Racial remarked: “l console myself saying that it was the will of God and what He does must be the est.. Before parting, Dry. Ferdinand Blueprint gave him a letters of recommendation so that he might not find difficulties upon his return to the Philippines: “l thank you and happen what may, I trust in God. ” In July 1892, he was exiled to Adapting. Before leaving Fort Santiago he wrote to his parents placing his destiny in the hands of God. Am leaving this evening (July 14, 1892) or tomorrow for Adapting where am being banished.