Physicians Assistant Career

When I was young, I had dreamt about becoming an inspiration to those around me. As I have become older, I`m beginning to realize that I am truly inspired by those in the medical field. After endless amounts of research, I have decided to become a physicians assistant. This job fits my criteria for the career I would like to pursue. The following will show how I plan on becoming a physicians assistant.

The first educational program for physician assistants began in 1965 due to a shortage of physicians. The PA concept has really grown in the past several decades. There are currently 76,900 people employed in this career field(56). The average growth rate for all occupations is 11 percent and PA`s are at a 38 percent projected change in employment from 2012 to 2022(43). Due to the immense need for PA`s, the job qualifications are not overally specific.

To become a PA, it is important that I have communication skills, problem solving skills, compasion, emotional stability, and that I`m detail oriented. Since I believe that I do contain these skills, I will need to go through the education requirements. To become a PA, I must achieve my masters degree from an accredited educational program. Once I have graduated, I will need to have 2 years work related expierence, such as a registered nurse, while attending a physician assistant education program.

The typical duties of a PA include reviewing patients’ medical histories, ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests, and making diagnoses concerning a patient’s injury or illness. A PA preforms the same tasks as a physician does but they are always supervised. Most physician assistants work full time. In hospitals, physician assistants may work nights, weekends, or holidays. They may also be on call, meaning that they must be ready to respond to a work request with little notice.

This is typical in the healthcare field. Many people strive to become a PA due to the high salary. However, I will not end up making $90,930 per year right away(78). Like other jobs, I will work my way up to that annual salary. While I am in PA school, like mentioned earlier, I will be a registered nurse for 2 years which makes $65,470 per year(43). Unlike other medical jobs, a PA does not require medical school which saves a lot of money but I will most likely still have to pay off student loans from achieveing my masters degree and attending PA school.

Being a Physician assistant is both physically and emotionally demanding. It is physically demanding due to the long hours spent on your feet, making rounds, evaluating patients, and working in the operating rooms. Although the work seems stressful, helping patients will be extremely rewarding. Advancement in this job, such as becoming a physician, is definietly possible but will require extra schooling and a large amount of time to complete it.

Becoming a physicians assistant requires alot of hardwork and dedication. It is certainly not an easy job but I am willing to do whatever it takes to pursue it. I am meant to be a physicians assistant and serve the people who gave me the motivation to go into this career in the first place.