Pictonary Cards unit 5

Mining   #85










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The process of getting coal or any other type of materials from a Mine

Long wall mining: A form of underground coal mining were a long wall of coal is mined in a single slice.

Shaft Mining: Using a top down vertical tunnel to get coal out of a mine.

Deforistation 86.
Deforistation: Cutting down all of the trees.
Agriculture 87.
Agriculture: Is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming Methods that protect the environment.
Overgrazing 88.
Overgrazing:When there are too many plant eating populations for one area.
Urbanization 89.
Urbanization: The loss of forest to to the development of cities.
Land use 90.
Land use : The use of land by humans or animals.
Non Renewable Sources 91.
Non Renewable Sources: A source that does not naturally replenish coal,oil and ect.
Renewable resources 92.
Renewable resources: A source used by humans  that can be replenished naturally.
Recyclable Resource 93.
Recyclable Source:A source that can   be reproduced and made intoa new product.