Don’t worry you’ve clocked up plenty of karmic payback Finally here’s the year that let’s you cash in some well deserved rewards. You’ll manage to show up in the right place at the right time-and it’s nothing to do with coincidence. Love and sex Expect mixed success in love. Relationship have tempestuous moments, matching powerful play of passion with periods of cool detachment. Friction can become your friend if you examine what the resistance is all about. Eclipses in January and July add to the mayhem.

Although your impulse is to UN from conflict, sometimes it’s best to stand to your ground. If this leads to change, so be it. The cosmos always has a contingency plan in motion. Career Powerful planetary forces make strong arguments for change. My guess is that you become more assertive and outgoing. The later half of 2011 is ideal for new studies, professional growth, and for embarking on promising new business ventures. Whatever happens, keep faith with the spirit that drives you. -despite the pressure.

Instinct, too, will help you negate any obstacles as oh develop a feel for the right direction. If extra work hours are required, don’t grumble – the gains promise to be exceptional. Money Pecans are always getting slapped over the wrists for excessive generosity, but its an essential part of your being. And sometimes there’s no fighting the urge towards extravagance. But be sensible, and recognize when lavish spending has to Stop. Earn first, squander later. Stress busters Health has been steadily improving, and for those who have problems, 2011 should bring better news.