Pirates Of Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley made me realize of how great Bill Gates and Steve Jobs where. They were brilliant young individuals with great ambition and vision. However, the path they took to their success was not at all easy and clean. They both showed unethical behaviors in the movie as they were growing up their businesses. In my opinion, Steve did a lot of unethical things like, the harassment and exploitation of his employees.

However, there is one thing that comes into my mind when thinking of the unethical behaviors of Steve, and that is, rejecting his girlfriend’s pregnancy denying the kid was his own. First, the way Steve treated his employees was far from right There were several scenes in the movie where he was shown bad attitude towards his employees. Believe he was being a bad leader by doing so. It was so much the pressure his employees were taking that in one scene of the movie one of them attacked Steve after working for extra late hours. Deterrent Stave’s ambition and his motivation to be on top, still do not believe employees should be treated like that at any circumstances. He was not only harsh with his employees but also rude with people who came to interviews for a job. Second, Stave’s girlfriend pregnancy came in a very stressful time for Steve. He was just starting his company and Apple project. He did not knew the how big his company could become. He was a hard worker and spent a lot of time into developing ideas for his projects.

I understand that the last thing Steve added was an unplanned pregnancy from his college girlfriend. However, I do not believe that gives him a reason of ignoring and denying the pregnancy of his ex-girlfriend without taking a DNA test at least. In my opinion that was a coward act from him. Maybe that had to be done by him to keep his focus and accomplish the great things he did. I was glad to see how Steve changed his attitude towards his ex-girlfriend and daughter when he was fired from his company. The change he did says a lot about Stave’s ethical behavior being a more mature person.

In conclusion, Steve had some wrongs in the way he ran his business and in the way he ignored his girlfriend pregnancy. However, all these things had to be done the way it was for Steve to accomplish what he did with Apple. I can say that Stave’s main focus in life was his company and what he was creating. It was not until Steve stopped working in Apple that he started to pay more attention to his daughter and girlfriend.