Pitch Letter PR Assignment

Dear Tim Even in a city ahead of the curve, like New York, it can take up to 20 minutes for a taxi driver to load and properly secure a disabled rider. This partnered with New Work’s over stressed Access-a-ride system leaves disabled riders at a huge disadvantage when it comes to travel in the city. Fortunately, Toyota has partnered with the Taxi and Limousine Commission (TTL) to bring the city it’s first ever rear-entry, ramp equipped taxi Van, scheduled to hit he streets once t secures it’s TTL stamp of approval.

The Van, which can load a disabled passenger in under a minute, will not only lax the over stressed city streets but finally allow equal comfort that disabled customers were missing for years. “It’s a rear, entry vehicle ramp that can load and secure a passenger in under a minute! “, Said Michael Harris, head of the Disabled Riders Coalition, as the vehicle was demonstrated for dozens of onlookers on 23rd SST. And Seventh Eve. Currently there are only two of the modified vehicles on the city streets, but once approved the city can see up to 100 within a month.

The Disabled Riders Coalition hopes that with this taxi approved, the city can provide a service that not only helps to make disabled riders life a bi easier but ease the stress of the city’s transportation system. Know as family man, you and your readers would enjoy this story, if you should plan a visit. I will call you with a follow up within the next week but if anything arises, feel free to contact me at (646)-573-4019.