PM Redevelopment Of A Small Town And Facilities

The plan is to redevelop the town without disturbing the natural cycle and minimize the pollution and waste from the town. The plan also focuses on long term development as constant construction will heavily damage the nature. II. Project Scope Statement 2. 1 Project objectives The project emphasizes on 2 objectives: To renovate the town into a high class resort with terrain park at cost not exceed $1 To maintain the ecosystem in the area after humans interfere and avoid natural disaster 2. Deliverables To develop the endorsed resort and park occupying the site of 1 15. 00 hectares To establish the additional raise of capacity for 8000 to 1 0000 suitors To develop new resort along the mountain and terrain park near the mountain side To develop a trail system, lift system, weather forecast system and snow density control system. 2. 3 Milestones 1. Permits approved- 14th June, 201 5 2. Inspections and plan finalization-7th July, 201 5 3. Construction and Final inspection – 7th May 2016 4.

Opening ceremony- 21st July 201 6 2. 4 Technical requirements Terminal speed: The maximum speed for a fixed geometry and nominal parameters as the following formula: With slope angle, , mass of rider, m, a drag coefficient of , frontal area, A, insist of air, , and kinetic friction coefficient, , the terminal speed is . Equivalent fall height (FEE): The vertical height of fall that results in a speed at impact on a horizontal surface equal to height of landing velocity in the landing surface.

For a rider landing at speed, , at an angel , with respect to the horizontal on a slope with angel , the fall height equivalent is Trail system specification Lift system specification Ecosystem development 2. 5 limits and exclusions All buildings and facilities are built to the specification and design of the original blueprints provided by the developers Local residents will be temporary replaced to another area until the construction is finished Contractor reserves the rights to contract out services Contractor is responsible for sub-contractor works Site work is limited from Monday to Friday, 8:AAA.

M to 6:APP. M Ill. Project priorities As the manager of the project, one of the primary job is to manage the trade- off among Time, Cost, and Performance. One of the common technique is to complete the Project Priority Matrix to identify which should be constrained, he original parameter, which should be enhanced, the optimist of the scope, and which is accepted, the tolerate not to meet the parameter Time Performance Cost Constrain Enhance Accept Figure 3. 1 Project Priority Matrix Time is crucial to the business because the local residents accept to move under a certain time.

So any delay caused will result to compensation or suspension Of the project. Besides, the longer the project takes, the longer the turnover time is. So the investor will not be patient to wait for their money to grow. The original performance specifications from the design cannot be improvised, especially the safety limit. The cost of the project is flexible as, more preferably; the actual cost is under the estimated overall cost. Any extra cost or indemnification is not advisable but can be arranged. IV- Work breakdown structure Figure 4. Display the project structure which consists of 3 levels. Level 1 is the project end item, Nostalgia Terrain Park. Level 2 which are composed by 5 subdivides of level 1 explain that the project is divided into 5 stages. And level 3 is the details of each stage of level 2. At the start of the project, a mea will approach local authority to seek the business approval and construction approval. The project manager will browse the area to survey, investigate, and collect data about Nostalgia town about the slope of the mountain, snow thickness, and weather.

Based on the data collected, a calculation and analysis of the area is formulated and the design of jib features is identical to the calculation. The time of 5 weeks is allowed for this stage. As the overall design is finalized, the infrastructure inside the park is discussed. The park includes Trail system to allow general transportation, Lift yester for customer transportation, Maintenance or ecosystem design for weather forecasting, area examination. Besides, the resort will be designed next to the park to allow customers to stay for long vacation.

Everything has to be ready in the next 9 weeks. Once all the design is completed and the infrastructure model is selected, construction and technician contractor will be contacted to meeting and conclude the contracts. The contract shall not exceed the project budget of SSL and the project cannot take more than 6 months to complete. Terms and conditions are stated clearly in the contracts. Consultants are contacted too to develop Weather and Geometric forecast system in order to avoid natural disasters.

This can take another 2 weeks to complete. The big day when the project has come to reality is fixed on June 2015. This is a suitable season when the snow fall less and the weather is warmest in the year. To reduce the project finishing timer both construction of the resort and the park will be initiated together as the areas under construction of the park and result are separated and convenient for all contractors to operate. Staff recruitment starts as well with basic trainings revived by the contractors and technician.

The entire stage can take 32 weeks to test and complete. During the construction time, the marketing team can promote the project in every available media to attract investors, tour companies and customers. Advanced booking and promotion can be offered so that the business can start right after the opening ceremony in 18 weeks. V. Cost estimation 5. 1 Cost in table A round-up figure of the project cost is estimated to avoid a cost overrun. Cost estimator can be professor such as building estimator, cost engineer, or insulate company.