Police Influence On Society

Minorities were often underrepresented, and treated very unfairly because of gender, race and ethnic backgrounds. The police were forced to change once the pressure and the spotlight was put on law enforcement officers in the sass. The current relationship with police officers and society has not been the most positive. There have been quite a few cases that have put police in the spotlight, especially because it has been cases of law enforcement using o much force, being accused of racism against African Americans, using excessive or unnecessary force.

In our present time that we live in it is very easy to take out your cellophane and start recording when you see a situation arise with police officers. Recently it seems as law enforcement is being accused more and more of racism, and inequality. Cases that have been on the spotlight between the media and law enforcement have been The Michael Brown case, Trenton Martin case, Tamari Rice, and Eric Garner. There have been quite a few protests and campaigns for #Blackmailer’s. When it comes to police and different social classes’ police do treat people differently.

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For example a police officer may have suspicion On a person who does not appear to have money, than a person who is well dressed and groomed. A police officer may keep a closer eye as well as the security would in the store. Class status does matter to law enforcement when determining who is more likely to commit a crime. Feel it is a form of a set up when police officers go to neighborhoods that are poor and set up bait to catch the people who are desperate for money. They catch the drug dealers selling drugs, prostitutes, and people who have probably robbed electronics.

Just like in the shows where police officers leave a running car with the keys in it in an area that is in poverty. Feel like in television shows they never do a bait car in the suburban areas, or try to find drug dealers etc. Police and different ethnic groups may run into miscommunication issues due to language barriers. Some ethnic groups may be afraid of police officers due to legal status. Other ethnic groups may be intimated of police due to past events like terrorist attacks.

Conclusion hope there comes a day where law enforcement and our society can get along. In our current generation it is So easily for law enforcement to get a bad reputation when everything is so instantly connected to the internet. I feel like law enforcement has been receiving a lot of negative attention from people, and the media. It has been fueling this discrimination against law enforcement. Although not everyone is perfect and some police officers do abuse their authority we as a community is supposed to support and protect awe enforcement.