California Zero Tolerance Policy In Schools

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Shifting the tasks of disciplining and maintaining positive school climate to professionals who have the tools and training to provide supportive services can help keep students feeling safe at school.

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Education on lockdown: The schoolhouse to jailhouse track. Students have many needs that must be met in order for them to participate fully in the educational process. For LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness, challenges can be multiplied. School was arrested and know that california in! Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance.

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Zero tolerance policies hinder bullying prevention efforts. Part of socialization is understanding that for certain crimes one is removed from society, incarcerated. Is Education Money Well Spent?

Students should be routinely advised of their Miranda rights where criminal charges may be filed.

There is compelling evidence that these dumbfounding policies are promoting misbehavior and actually making schools less safe.

It was also emphasized that youth should be spared from the stigma of involvement with the adult criminal justice system and not be branded as criminals.

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