Portable attached to the portable toilet in Lahore

Portable washrooms in Lahore
Pakistan by Al-Sadiq Services (local or overseas manufactured) usage of these
washrooms provide benefits to the user individuals for domestic use and for
commercial use also

In commercial usage in parks,
amusement parks, sports centers, marriage halls, mosques with shops, markets of
automobiles, markets of accessories, computers, laptops, food streets across
the city are the places have necessity of using washrooms, either installed
inside/outside the premises.

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Some food corners and food chains
have appropriate construction food chains, while some have outlets in Lahore,
with eating outdoor chain windows and sitting arrangement only (and
construction of washroom was difficult or problematic or impossible for some of

Washroom is the necessity of people,
where 500-5000 people are gathered on daily basis Eating, drinking, and staying
there in hours of duration per day, so a natural call necessity of washroom is
necessity is the need of premises, no matter the premises is working in
daylight time period or night time food street/chain it is

Portable washrooms in Lahore people
who are using it and installing it some of them are using fiberglass based or
some of them are using with polymer sheets based constructed material portable
washrooms, depends upon the area, size, costing, budget and necessity of the
area/premises it is installed/purchased by public

Besides the normal usage of the
toilet/washroom the luxury need in outdoor installation/availability of
washrooms the necessity of portable washroom is rapidly increasing in Lahore,
due to “construction, block, cement” with fix WC/COMMODE” pipe, water, sewerage
connection with tank/water connections cost you 200/300% more or sometime 500%
if area is on height or more than 5-8 washrooms are necessity of the premises

Some luxurious benefits attached to
the portable toilet in Lahore are 1 room/cornered room with seat for sitting
space for 3-5 people in room where after washroom, you can see your face, can
comb your hairs, and can wear your shoes, re-fresh your cloths, physical
appearance for males/females toilet with portable washrooms are manufactured
and installed in various places in Lahore city

Portable toilet, portable washrooms,
portable restroom are the washrooms trend is increasing in Lahore day by day,
due to cost of construction is feasible, less and economical

The cost of construction of cement,
tiled washroom connected with water & sewerage lines are costly, expensive,
time taking, legal permit and approval is also required in
residential/commercial premises from the government and private authorities

While the portable washrooms fulfill
the need of residential need and commercial need according to the premises,
according to the budget of the consumer & capacity of the premises also

Construction companies and event
management companies are also purchasing portable washrooms in order to
minimize the cost, in order to minimize the time period to complete the

Connected sewerage line flow and
rooms fixed with cement & tiled washrooms are un hygiene and un healthy
many of the times if not washed or cleaned appropriately while the portable
washroom don’t need special cleaning except washing the washroom once or twice
in a month will be sufficient no matter how much usage of washroom per day is
(in residential or commercial premises)

The washroom/toilet is constructed
with cement tile; you cannot use it to another place, premises no matter in one
place of your home you want to change the position/place of washroom, only pipe
line extension you have to see like a lead of TV/cable if this is extendable,
it is transportable from one place to another

In commercial places(offices,
corporate, Government/Private Departments) portable washroom is not less than a
gift for commercial/public places due to entrance, garden and shifting of
departments in government, private, building, departments, inter departments
positions, sites, offices are changed time to time,

In that special costing will be saved, further more time of employees during
work will be saved due to (time required to go to the washroom, then arrival
from that place, if it have distance of 5mins and it is on 4th or 2nd
floor of building)

while according to the staff, departments, places the best place a public place
department/company and their employees will arrange it according to their
necessity and place, near to sitting area & convenient area (for
employees/workers and visitors)

The cost of mobile/portable washroom
is 30-40% less than actual construction of cement, block, and tile construction
of washroom

In close premises, buildings Air
ventilation feature it will provide, so respiratory and infectious diseases
chances to get affected with it will be lower

Portable washrooms have water tank,
sanitation with garbage tank, according to the premises and need it will be
installed, and all issues/problems related to washroom and of your need will be
solved if you will choose it