Post colonialism

What is Post Colonialism?
It is an intellectual discourse that holds together a set of philosophies, political sciences, literatures, and films. These discourses are reactions to the cultural legacy of colonialism.

One country sets up colonies in another culture- takes over

How was post colonialism created.
The colonized peoples access to education, still unavailable in the colonies, created a new criticism: postcolonialism.

What does post colonialism deal with?
Deals with literature produced in countries that once were colonies or countries still in colonial arrangements.

What else does post colonialism deal with?
Literature written in colonial countries and by their citizens that has colonized people as its subject matter.

What does this criticism look at?
This criticism looks at issues of power, economics, politics, religion, and culture and how these elements work in relation to colonial hegemony

What does this criticism focus on?
Focuses on how the Western colonizers controlled those they colonized.

Who were major figures in CRT?
Edward Said Wole Soyinka Homi Bhabha Salman Rushdie Frantz Fanon Jamaica Kincaid Gayatri Spivak Chinua Achebe

What is Edward Said’s book called?

In Said’s book, he uses the term “Orientalism” how?
To describe the discourse about the East constructed by the West.

What did Edward Said argue?
He argues that European culture gained in strength and identity by setting itself against the Orient, which was characterized as exotic, uncivilized, and inferior.

A group of nations or people ruled over by an emperor, empress, or other powerful sovereign

Any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave their homelands, being dispersed throughout other parts of the world

The practice, conscious or otherwise, of placing emphasis on European concerns, culture and values at the expense of those of other cultures

Lack of identification with some part of one’s community, differentness, otherness

Referring to the integration of cultural signs and practices from the colonizing and colonized cultures

What is an example of Hybridity?
Food (Chineese, Italian, Mexican, language)

What are examples of Eurocentrism?
Nazi, maps- look different in person then portrayed, the West Wing

In the “Crocked Man”, what would colonized be more concerned with?
More concerned with minor characters and not as stereotypical

Crock mean leaves and then what?
Comes back all crooked

Rebels are considered vicious and scary, but English soldiers are what?
The Rats