Prairie Chicken

What is the habitat for Greater Prairie Chicken?
Prairie mixed with croplandCropland for Feeding, Grassland for nesting, roosting, loafing, and feeding
What is the diet of the Greater Prairie Chicken?
Winter and fall- leaves and seeds from a variety of native plant species,cultivated grainsSpring and summer-leaves, seeds, buds, fruits, and insects
When does breeding take place?
When do broods break up?
Late August to September
What is the nest success rate?
44%(Higher the farther they get from leks)
What is the average life span?
1 1/2 years
What are the two survey methods?
Lek counts and lek surveys
What is a limiting factor for greater prairie chicken?
(A lack of barbecue sauce) Intensive agriculture or loss of grasslands
What is the brood rearing habitat?
Interspersion of 65% clump grass, 20-30% shrubs, and 5-10% forbsMust be within 2 miles of active lek
What is the effect of grazing on habitats for greater prairie chickens?
Neutral, if light grazing
How much land is needed for prairie chicken habitat?
1280 acres for nesting, 10,000-25,000 for feeding and loafing
How should grain crop plowing be used?
Spring plowing or no-till drilling leaves waste grains available for winter months months