Praxis Environmental Ed.

What is measured in soil quality?
Soluble Nitrogen
What is the Threshold Odor Test?
the testing process is conducted by a panel of examiners with the averaged outcome indicating the relative strength of the odor in the given water sample. It is always important to remember that Threshold Odor Testing is not an exact science since there are clearly differences in every person’s olfactory (smelling) ability. the actual measurement of the odor level is referred to as a TON (Threshold Odor Number)
What is a Flavor Profile Analysis?
During a Flavor Profile Analysis, a panel of trained tasters attempt to detect contaminants at various dilutions and define the nature of the taste (and any odor) either in their own words or through the use of standard descriptions.

In most cases, the all too standard definition of “tastes like chicken” has been eliminated from the list of standard descriptions.

What is Bioassays?
Bioassays are experiments that use living things to test the toxicity of chemicals.
What is the leading test for chromium?
The hexavalent chromium concentration test”