Preservation of virginity before marriage

Preservation of Virginity Before Marriage Preserving virginity before nowadays are little dying. In the past, preservation of virginity is very important to a girl before they agree to have marriage. The girls before wants to make sure that the boy can wait until they married. For them, it is important the respect of each other. Now that the modern times come, the boys wants to explore first the girls before they married. For them it is like an old fashioned to wait after marriage before having sex.

Time has changed, so that many influences has come to our own minds. For them, how do they know if they are sexually compatible when they do not have sex before marriage. For them, it is considers if they are really compatible to marry each other. In modern times, they are saying that as such “they are not buying a car without a test driving”, it seems that boys nowadays are very delicate on how to choose a girl they want to marry.

Maybe some girls give their virginity before their marriage because some eight think if they do not give it before their marriage, maybe their loved ones cannot wait and they leave, that’s why some girls might take some sacrifices before they marriage. However, this situation would have causes lack of disrespect for girls and there is a possibility that the boys is not intentionally marry the girl but he only wants to have sex with it, that causes of having a single mother. Only few people nowadays are are too kind to have sexual intercourse after their marriage.

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That’s why reservation of virginity before marriage is declining. That is one of the factor that causes the decline of preservation of virginity before marriage. I may now conclude that one preserving virginity before marriage is not too important nowadays now. Some people might say that it was the old fashioned way to follow it. Another factor is the time has changed now, we will never know if someone change after a decade. Maybe some of the married woman is pregnant when she is marrying at somebody in the church or they have a child after the marriage.