Problem solving

Marianne is a 79 year old grandmother and retired local artist who seem to have short term memory loss. There are many concepts that apply in her condition, for instance, Crystallized intelligence, quid intelligence, Stumberger’s Theory of Intelligence, Erosion’s integrity vs.. Despair and death and dying. Crystallized intelligence is the ability to use skills, knowledge, and experience. This is type of intelligence relies on accessing information from long-term memory.

Marianne uses her Crystallized intelligence daily because she members things from her past, for instance she remembers her wedding and honeymoon from years back. Fluid intelligence is the capacity to think logically and solve problems in novel situations, independent of acquired knowledge. With Marianne Being the secretary of her social club shows that she has high fluid intelligence and is capable of thinking critically and solving problems. In her Marinara’s case, Stromberg Theory Of Intelligence is used, which is the ability to learn from experience, solve problems, and use knowledge to adapt to new situations.

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Considering that she has severe short term memory she has to rely on her pass experiences and knowledge in order to function in the present. According to Erosion’s integrity vs.. Despair personality development goes through a series of eight, hierarchically ordered stages. In Margarine’s case, she is in the final stage of Erosion’s theory, which occurs at the age of sixty. In this stage people realize that they’re going to die soon and begin to review their life-career to determine if it was a success or failure.

Those who feel proud of their accomplishments ill feel a sense of integrity, this means looking back and having few just a few regrets and an overall feeling of satisfaction. For instance, Marianne may be satisfied with her life when she thinks about being a local artist, going on cruises with her social club her wedding, etc. Marianne is in the final stage of life, so it is natural for her to love to reminisce about her past. She is coming to grits that she is on borrowed time. However, thinking about death and dying, may make her can stressed or depressed because she is leaving her family behind.