Process Paper

His various leadership roles throughout his life eventually led to the most respected job in our country. I began my research project by visiting the library at my school to check out books on Ronald Reagan. The internet was extremely helpful by watching videos of him during his speeches. I found him to be very easy to listen to and enjoyed laughing at his jokes. It was interesting to see him as a movie star and as our country’s 40th President. I obtained several photos and information from different websites such as history websites and news websites.

My favorite source was the Youth video “The Best of Ronald Reagan”. Ronald Reagan seemed to enjoy telling jokes to his audience. This seemed to really help the people relate to him as he shared important news about our country. We are very fortunate to have these resources available Our class was given a rubric of the History Day requirements. After reading the approved choices of the history day presentation guidelines. I decided that a website would be more interesting to me and to the judges of the History day projects.

Websites seem to be more interesting because of so many options of inserting various pictures, videos and sound which interest the viewer and inform them on your topic. I began to watch videos on youth of how to use the midweekly websites. The video showed me how to use the features of the wobble website. Next, I signed up as a new user for the wobble website and was given a link to click on to begin my project. Finally, I began to find information from the internet and my library books to build the website.

The theme of Leadership and cagey relates to my topic Ronald Reagan an American Patriot because he demonstrated his leadership as he stood firm against communist run dictatorships and saw the Berlin wall come down during his presidency. He earned respect from leaders of those communist countries . He was able to relate with American’s because he was willing to listen to them and seer. ‘e them and the desires of the people of the United States.