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This table will give an overview look at what the company should retain, discontinue and innovate. The new policies of the company along with the renewed product portfolio will help this company become a forceful competitor in this industry. The innovations will ensure the ability for this company to broaden the market Outside Of Florida. Product Life Cycle Servers Maturity/Growth Networks Desktops

Maturity/Decline Printers Mobile Devices Maturity 3rd Party Services Cloud/Done Growth Servers and Networks RISC BAS, Inc. Will continue to create top of the line servers and networks for our clients. The servers and networks are built to withstand long periods of usage, however they do still have downfalls that will be enhanced in the coming fiscal year. We will have updates on our servers frequently in order to keep a knowledgeable edge against competitors. Our engineers will work on improving cooling systems in our networks to reduce wear and tear on the components inside.

They will also work on creating a faster transfer speed so that our clients are using the fastest services available. Speed is a major factor when dealing with technology and if our networks are slow, then our sales will surely dissipate. Our technicians will be out in the field updating servers and networks so that our engineers can be back in the labs working on ways to improve our services. Desktops Desktops are at the maturity/declining stage in their life cycle. The invention of laptops, tablets, and touch screen computers have drastically decreased the demand of desktops.

Rather than pile more money into a service that may increasingly decline in the next few years, we have decided to cut back on manufacturing desktops. Our focus will be more towards laptops, desktops for certain business (restaurants, retail stores, etc) and possibly tablets. After our revised product portfolio is launched and underway, we will bring the tablet discussion up again for review. For right now, desktop production will decrease, however, we will continue to service any and all types of desktops.

The desktops we do create will be for accountants and schools. In the article, “5 Reasons Schools Still Need Desktops” by Leila Meyer, she wrote that, “schools are keeping their dedicated desktop labs, either for general use or specialized classes” (Meyer). Printers According to an article, “paper printers will soon become a thing of the past due to rising popularity of tablets” (Bell, 2014). Although that may be true, printers are still a key part of jobs like insurance companies, accountants, schools, among various other industries.

The demand for printers has decreased in the past few years. RISC BAS, Inc. Will continue to create immemorial printers for multiple computer companies, this way there will be one or two mega printers that can print from any computer. We will also focus our production on mobile printers and the possibility of creating a mobile printer that scans. Since a lot of information is sent electronically, these mobile printers will be able to print information from JIBS drives, clouds, laptops, tablets, and desktops.

Mobile Devices RISC BAS Inc. Will not continue to design its own line of mobile devices. The competition among companies that design mobile devices like Apple and Android are steep. The company Will continue to service mobile devices, but it will not continue to design and develop its own line of products. Instead, resources should be allocated to the new market of designing and creating applications. The company can make more money developing applications for mobile devices than developing the actual products.

We will sign contracts with companies like Dell, Monika, Fajitas, and Panther. These contracts will allow us to sell these companies’ mobile devices. This will keep our current customer base satisfied, while also allowing the company to discontinue its line of mobile devices. Third Party Services The company will continue to service third party products. RISC BAS Inc. Will hold detailed information and training sessions regarding third party products. Servicing third party products will help RISC BAS Inc. Roved more services to existing customers and allow the company to expand its customer base. If it will take several days before RISC BAS Inc. Can completely service customers’ third party products, the company will provide customers with temporary products, such as a computer or printer, while their items are being serviced. This will ensure that our customers are not without a imputer or printer while their personal products are being serviced. It gives customers the opportunity to test our products and see if they prefer our items to our competitors.

The company can also donate these used items to schools or various charities, which would be great advertising for the firm. By having more knowledgeable technicians and providing temporary products to customers the company can improve its third party services and gradually increase revenue back to where it was beforehand. Cloud/Drive RISC BAS, Inc. Will begin production in cloud and drive like services for our clients. This will allow them to decrease the chance of 3rd party companies being hacked and letting their personal information flow into the World Wide Web.

Since the hack of cloud devices like Apple’s cloud, we will create a network security system to maintain the privacy of our clients and their customer base. This is still a new market, so the possibilities are endless with this type of service. In the book, “The Marketing Plan” by William M. Luther states that companies are in trouble when, “they have been looking in the window at their own operation” (Luther 2001 He emphasizes on looking into he future, “out the window”, into what the consumers, market, industry is like.

We can offer a one month beta test for Our customers to See how to like the cloud/drive service. This will give us a chance to fix any glitches and make improvements before launching the product to the public. Conclusion After the analysis of the previous product portfolio, RISC BAS, Inc. Has decided to change its direction, discontinue, and introduce certain items. This revised product portfolio will help this company become the competitor it knows it can be. We will continue to innovate and create services such as outwork/servers, desktops, printers.