Professional Development Report

Making persuasive, articulate written reports and oral presentations are perhaps the most important skills I will need. Creating strategies that help companies meet sales objectives is my primary function.

If cannot communicate these strategies, it would hinder me from doing my job properly. With the help of BUSS-301 and MIGHT-341 , my written and oral presentation skills have increased over the course of the semester. The more exposure I receive, the better get. As a marketing manager, I will have to be able to work with teams in leadership & support roles. Have worked in various student groups on campus and as a Senator for the Student Government Association I also oversee many groups on campus.

Over the pastier, I have gained much insight to working with different teams in different roles and I have mutinously accomplished goals -? even in the face of adversity. Having to thinking creatively is something that is necessary in my field, but something wasn’t familiar with in a professional setting. Now that I have had to work with SAGA and interning with Alfa, have had to come up with solutions to reach my goals. An example is getting controversial legislation passed. When the senate is split on an issue, someone has to step up and find a better way to communicate the issue in order to influence votes.

I have been that person multiple times. The final ASK that is important is marketability. Coming into BUSS-301 1 had barely any credibility. Helping companies build brand awareness and maintain level of marketability is important. Therefore, not being marketable will not land me a job at an established company. I am now more marketable than I was because Of my internship, but I need to accomplish more before my marketability is sufficient. Myers-Briggs Personality Test. The Myers-Briggs worksheet was very insightful.

My type code is .NET P; am an extrovert, I prefer using intuition to take in information, I am a thinker, and use perception when making decisions. I have always seen myself as an extrovert so the results didn’t surprise me, initially. However, after reading through the description I realized some things about myself. One of the characteristics was that extravert’s “receive energy from interaction with people”. Love personal interaction and I am confident in my interpersonal skills, but I never realized that the interaction itself actually energize me.

Another shocker was that I prefer intuition to sensing. A few of the characteristics under “Sensing” related to me, but the entire description under “Intuition” was a perfect match. As for my occupational trends, I match tit science, management, technology and arts -? in that order. My proposed focus is to “continuously take on new challenges and solve problems”. I agree with that entirely because I do get a thrill from doing both. There were many stresses for my type, but I will highlight the most accurate ones.

The most prevalent stresses that I actually deal with now are lengthy work periods with no interruptions, having to attend to realities, adjusting to individual difference and needs, and working within time frames and deadlines. These are all things that I have struggled with throughout my collegiate career. Now that have identified these issues, can work on ways to mitigate the amount of stress have. 4. Based on your interview with someone in your field, describe whether or not your career choice met your preconceptions. Career Choice Path.

The most important change need to make is identifying the career objective that I am passionate about. Developing my Soak’s and tailoring them to my field of interest is the best course of action. The way to do that is to expose my self to more professional settings, apply to jobs, and take on more internships. I also need to hone my skills in ethics and values, attitudes and practical excellence, and marketability. Ultimately, need to find out exactly what my strengths are, along with my personality type, and match that to the career that would allow my talents to flourish. Oral Presentations Importance of Oral Presentation.

Oral presentation skills are of the utmost important in my field. On a daily basis a marketing manager will formulate, direct, and coordinate marketing activities and policies in order to promote products and services. He or she will also have to evaluate financial aspects of product development and the organization’s marketing strategy. After accomplishing these objectives, the resulting information will have to be relayed to the appropriate personnel. Whether it be during a meeting with an executive board member or a briefing to the marketing team, the information will have to be clear, concise, and to the point.

If it is not, there could be misinterpretation. Misinterpretation at any level can be problematic which is why oral presentation skills are extremely important to my field. 3. How many presentations should you expect give in the past year as a part of your job? What does this say about the importance presentations in your field? Reservation: Good vs.. Bad. A good presentation follows a deductive structure and carries relevant information. The first thing to do is provide the audience with a hook -? state the purpose and bottom line. Then, give a preview that supports the bottom line.

Make sure to engage the audience by telling a story, asking questions, or doing something relatable. One helpful tip I received was to be more interesting than my slides. The slides should support the presentation, not be the entire presentation. Having an overload of text on a slide will cause the audience to read ahead of what the presenter IS saying. Another important part of presenting is using the 10 Up’s: play, pace, proximity, presentation, passion, punch, projection, presence, power, and participation. Having all of these aspects in one presentation will effectively get the point across.

The three that believe are most important are passion, proximity, and presence. If the audience can feel and respect your presence, they will be more inclined to pay attention. Presence can also give off a feeling of power. Proximity, or how physically close the presenter is to the audience, plays a huge role in how the audience receives the information. Take, for example, a detent sitting in the front of the classroom versus the back of the classroom. The student will more than likely have a better student-teacher rapport in comparison to the student in the very back.

They are also less likely to be distracted. This same concept goes for the presenter-audience rapport. The presenter is more relatable the closer he or she is to the audience. The passion a presenter has is what keeps the audience’s attention. Having raw emotion and caring behind words is what ultimately allows the audience to not only relate, but to care. If the presenter can bring out the passion in the audience, the goal is accomplished. The presentation will be memorable and the point will more than likely get across. Evaluation of Presentation Skills.

During my presentations I can definitely work on my presence and my passion. My presence usually is lacking because of my inability to properly rehearse and be knowledgeable on my subject matter. The same goes for my passion. It is easier to get emotionally behind something that I am knowledgeable about. If I can get my passion and presence down to a science, I will be much more effective during presentations. Improving Presentation Skills. I can use more of my strengths and improve my weaknesses. The strongest aspect of my presentation would have to be my movements.

In my comments from the class it was a common point that I was more natural in my motions and I did a good job of using the space provided. As for the weakest aspect it would have to be Organization. The overall style and delivery of the presentation was poor, but if it were more organized those things would be a quick fix. My classmates didn’t score me very well on that aspect. I agree with them and if can get the substance of my presentation to match my movements, the performance will be much ore effective.

My instructor made the observation that should make better use of my slides. I had one slide in which I included the entire range of key indices, which takes too much attention off of the information I am trying to convey during the presentation. My instructor also suggested that I use a lot less when it comes to numerical representation. Another suggestion is that it would be better to use graphical representation instead of a table because it will enhance my presentation rather than hinder it. The last big issue with my presentation was my insufficient use of the title slide.

Instead of just having my name and the title of the presentation, I should have something of substance -? like a graph or meaningful picture. Written Communication Significance of Written Communication. In the field of marketing management written communication plays a huge role. Writing informative, concise documents in plain English can make a difference when it comes to getting a point across. This applies especially to email because there may often be a large audience. The audience may also range from lower level employees to executives, which means the message has to be as clear as possible.

As a manager, I would have to create reports discussing marketing strategies and pricing strategies. The reason these topics would be in reports is because they require persuasive elements to convince my audience to take action. As for memos, would be writing them to employees to cover new initiatives, programs, and events. Being that employees read a substantial amount of memos everyday, they need to be ordered deductively and concise. Otherwise, there is no guarantee that my message will reach the receiver or that the memo will be read to its entirety. Benefits of Business Writing Classes.

After taking ENG-317 and BASIS-301 , my written communication has reaped many benefits. Everything from my diction to my understanding of the importance of structure has improved. With that said, I still have many improvements to make. The first method have to remember to follow is Dilution’s Bridge. One thing my instructor suggested is that I think more deeply about the “issue’. If the issue isn’t clear, or completely relevant, my claim and supporting evidence won’t yield the desired result. After I satisfy the requirements Of Dilution’s Bridge, I need to target my message to my audience.

Learning the types of audiences and how they are likely to respond was a huge help. That allowed me to understand the point of organizing my message deductively or inductively. It was always in my nature to organize inductively because I was accustomed to dealing with audiences that would respond negatively. Now, that I’ve learned deductive structure, I can be more effective. One more skill I gained is constructing message-style headings. Considering that my first job will probably be as an analyst, I will be presenting my documents to higher-ups that don’t have the time to read thoroughly.

Therefore, message-style headings will allow them to skim and still get a sufficient understanding of my message. 5. Compare and contrast this percentage to the percentage of time that you have focused on improving your writing in this course. (EDIT) The Importance of M. O. D. S. The M. O. D. S approach to writing is one that will continue to use throughout my professional career. The first three stages deal with Hock’s. The message stage includes drafting and “mind dumping’. These two techniques are important to help clarify the issue, the claim, and what supporting evidence should be used.