However, racism still exists today and the climb is not over for African- Americans. They still have some black stereotypes placed on them, however when people try to stop racial stereotypes they progress in a way by not making jokes or fun of the situation. Another example of progress includes the life of an individual. Once a person is born they have their whole life in front if them and endless possibilities of adventure, change, or progress. Children need to learn how to read, write, speak, and even to think. Each of these skills are “ever-lengthening” because you learn something new every day.

Progress is in the smallest of being that have infinite opportunities to change themselves. Each skill is “overprinting’, we learn how to love, enjoy, and even hate sometimes, but whether you like something or dislike it, progress is being made because we learn about ourselves, our enjoyment, or our hostilities. It only adds to the journey because we become who we are today by being modeled by progress; slowly, over time, taking new paths that we attempt difficult tasks. In my personal experience Vive learned progress is inevitable, that it cannot be stopped. Greer with Churchill, “You know you will never get to the end of the journey” because life keeps on going. In my religion, believe in Heaven and Hell, an afterlife that you live in forever. So when someone die, it is not the end of their journey, instead, they live in another life, one that never ends. Progress applies here because this new step is fruitful and someplace new. Some people say that there’s no Heaven and Hell and that when we die, we end up six feet under. Even if people don’t believe in Heaven and Hell, their soul is still present in the universe.

Their journey is to find something they’ve lost and put themselves back together again. No one’s journey ever ends, people always end up somewhere else. By finding yourself, this progress creates new opportunities to fix something else or to try something new. It all depends on the person and what they want to do. Another personal experience with progress is hiking. Yes, you do climb some mountains and hills than arrive at your destination, but hiking, for me, s a nature call, I enjoy the environment around me.

I succeed in progress by adventuring into unknown land for myself, I push myself to take a difficult task and try to succeed. I progress in a nature loving person each time I hike. I also progress in my fitness and strength, with each hike I get stronger, faster, and even more fit, however it doesn’t stop with just one hike, you do multiple to explore and challenge yourself on a harder course. I believe it is not about the destination, rather it’s about the journey. And with journey comes progress. Enjoy progress because it makes me a better person.

I’ve changed for the better, progress has helped me with that. The possibility of never getting to the end just makes people want to prove that they can. People try attempt difficult tasks to prove something they become progressive. This path keeps on going and so does the progressive. Each day comes with a new task one that we will either learn to overcome or we fail and try again the next day. This never ending cycle keeps on going. There’s always something new to learn, progress is always an available choice.