Project Progress Report Review Teal

The modular concept will be comprised Of standardized units allowing flexibility and variety in use while keeping costs down. The clinic will house five physicians and five physician assistants (PA). Also included is all necessary support equipment that would allow physicians and PAS to provide outpatient care. Project Requirements The following list contains the requirements for the TM project. This list is at a “high level” and will be amended as the project progresses.

The rooms will be outfitted with comfortable furniture, and equipped appropriately with all medical machinery as required in order to provide complete outpatient care upon project completion. However, since we are a construction company, our subcontractors and procurement manager will be responsible for all furniture and medical machinery. 30 examination rooms Six medical procedure rooms Five physician offices Five physician assistant offices Three nurse stations

Three records rooms Three break rooms Three lab rooms Three waiting areas Restrooms-one set for patients and one set for employees Alternative rooms Pharmacy Station Radiology Department Registration Area Administrative Office Product Accept once Criteria The acceptance criteria for the TM project will be based on the successful completion of all construction activities in accordance with the requirements specified in this document. The TM project approval process will allow for adequate review of each product deliverable throughout the construction process. Shown below is a breakdown of the criteria for product approval.

Clinic is delivered within time constraints Clinic is completed within budget constraints Clinic is in compliance with project requirements Clinic is in compliance with Health and Safety Regulations Clinic receives approval for beneficial occupancy from Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Final product approval will be determined by the project sponsor. Patricia Wilbur, the authorized city representative and project sponsor, will authorize the final closing report for the T MS project.