PROMOTION the scheme of push marketing and has


Soap industry is an
industry which has always faced cut throat competition. There are many brands
in the market and many alternatives available to the customers to choose from
and customers do not hesitate to change brands. This is why promotions are
extremely important for customer retention. Godrej is doing a lot of
promotional activities from a very long time for its brand Cinthol.

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Right now, the company
is following the scheme of push marketing and has been successful in promotions
of Cinthol soap. Few of the company’s strategies are listed are listed below:

Customized product offering

Value for money (VFM) model

Cinthol which is
regarded as a youth brand was earlier considered on a soap brand for men.
Godrej is consistently working on changing the brand’s image from ‘only men’ to
more of an entire family soap used by both men and women. The company is
constantly analysing the market and trying to understand customer demands and
customize their upcoming products accordingly. Even their advertisements have
seen a shift in focus from only men modern, energetic and active Indian women. The
brand is still focused on the youth though.

The company plans to
providing value for money to their customers in many ways. For an instance, new
Cinthol soaps now produce more lather while bathing and wear off much lesser
than before. Godrej Company is also providing various offers like- ‘buy a pack
of 3 and get 1 soap free.’ The company is also giving 33% quantity in its deodorants
for both men and women.

One of the distinct
promotional strategies used by Godrej is that it advertises its products
through celebrities. Many of its advertisements have been featured by big Bollywood
stars and famous sportsmen including- Vinod Khanna, Shahrukh Khan, Hritik
Roshan, Virat Kohli. Cinthol is usually advertised on the biggest TV channels
in Inida and mostly during the prime times. Because of this the visibility of
the brand is very high.

Godrej Cinthol another
major promotional success is its new and attractive packaging. Earlier the
packaging was dull but as the company’s focused shifted towards the youth, they
drastically changed their packaging. The new packaging now comes with bright
attractive colours and there is a visible contrast between the packaging of
different products of men and women. To reach the youth, you must look where
the youth spends most of its time on; Cinthol knows this well. The company’s
website is highly interactive with direct links to its social platforms- Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram. The company has a huge fan base on its social media
platform and is using the platform effectively in promoting its products.
Cinthol is also advertising its products on YouTube advertisements and ensuring
that youth’s first preference is always Cinthol.