Prompt Thesis The South

DRP. Brinkley quotes a prominent historian who wrote, “The South Greg w, but it did not develop. ” Assess the validity of this statement for the years between 1800 and 1860. (set a chart up showing a similar column and a difference column) Thesis: Although the South did develop a growing merchant class during these e years and the population grew; there were not many changes in the social and economic star structure Of the South.

Similarities (did not develop) ; Tobacco prices were subject to request depressions meaning that the economy of the South did not improve. ; Tobacco rapidly exhausted the land on which it grew, it was difficult for many growers to stay in business. The economy was not stable and the social gap between rich and poor was very large. ; The expansion of slavery contributed to the fact of the growing population, (the slave population growing in hundreds of thousands), the point Brinkley makes about the South developing is that their social structure stayed the same and today we view it s dehumidifying and cruel.

Their attitudes toward slaves did not change which prevented them from developing as a more aware people. ; Aside of the Plantation economy, the merchant economy was not good and they had a weak manufacturing sector. Because of this, they did not develop any sort Of industrialization to rival the North. Differences (developed) ; The South grew and developed during this time period. The tobacco economy was very lucrative and made many people lots of money. The growers of other crops such as rice, sugar, and cotton.