Propose a solution to the dilemma in b:

a solution to the dilemma in b: Even though in many cases individuals find it had
to differentiate biological and social categories, it remains to be two
completely distinct proponents. The race usually has both biological as well as
social categories. That is the reason why in most cases, people from the same
racial background will possess similar characteristics. In fact, the behavior
of such individuals will be almost similar. “To back this up, their biological
components will also be similar in some way.” Different proponents explain this
aspect. The most important explanation for this will be based upon external
realities. When one claims this only based on the biological sense, the proper
explanation will not be considered to be exhaustive. Other key aspects are
necessary to understand the manner in which people interact rather than only
looking at their biological proponents. This problem has become adverse and is
seen in different claims raised by different people. It is necessary to
understand the best way to address this problem and ensure that proper
understanding of this claim has been outlined.

counteract the misunderstandings raised by critics, it is important to
stipulate different proponents that have been outlined to ensure proper content
to explain race has been outlined. Being of a particular race will not always
have biological similarities. It is therefore not possible to desire a
particular culture and obtain all the outlined conventions in the given race.
The race is a natural proponent that should be understood and that no form of
change or manipulation can be made in any form. “The best way that to
effectively understand the right definitions of race is to have the right claims
that will help explain this concept critically.” The critics and other
individuals who use conventionalist point of view ought to understand this fact
and understand the right way to understand this proposition. It will give a
proper understanding that will give a proper outline of the whole idea. This is
the best reliable solution that will give a direct understanding of both the social
and biological proponents of race.

at least one objection to your solution in (c): I tend to believe the fact that
race is a natural kind that cannot be adopted by any other person from a
different racial orientation. “Race will never change even when a person
decides to act and behave like others of different race. Unlike culture, race
remains to be instinct and cannot be adopted by any other individual.” The race
is constant and cannot be changed in any given situation. People become actors
who manipulate and use different divisive ways that seek to change the manner
in which they undertake different forms of characters but will remain to be a
key thing. Understanding this proponent will invalidate any claims raised by
critics that are baseless. This objection gives the right proponents that are
used to effectively explain the manner in which race has been interpreted over
the years. These misinterpretations have gone deep in expressing the right
proponents that give the right outline for the best proponents of the idea.

why conventionalism is better than realism “Both realism and conventionalism
give specific distinctions about race. In most cases, they act as alternatives
through the lens of race can be presented and understood in a more detailed
manner. In realism, we only accept that indeed race is a natural kind if and
only if there is the provable reality of the facts.”
To understand this claim I better use conventionalist perspective to
offer a clear understanding of the supposed outline of this concept. It is
clear that conventionalism is better than realism because of biological aspects
that try to divide human species depending on the purposes, methods and metrics
to be played. Typically, social realism is based on one defined biological
mapping on social groups. It expresses specific biological facts that explain
some social practices and judgments surrounding the aspects of the race. This
is a more restricted explanative component that does not give a proper
explanation of the factual truth that will be used to give the right
proponents. To give a suitable explanation, the conventionalist point of view
is more appropriate. It gives the most appropriate explanation that brings into
existence the right proponents and procedures that try as much as possible to
outline the naturalness of race.