Proposed Health Care System Reforms

The health care system is one of the most important concerns that the leader and citizens of every country should take into consideration. Its relevance requires a collective effort coming from both the government and service provider in order for any existing or even proposed health care scheme to serve and address best the demands of the population.

In doing so, certain factors are to be undertaken such as lowering the cost of the health care plan and the provision of a wider coverage.

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In the United Sates, the two presidential candidates are battling each other in the race offering a better health care program for all American people as one of their main blueprints. Whatever the efforts manifested by the two aspiring candidates, Americans are most concern about the means which will lower the cost of health care program and make the plan accessible to all.

Hence, in order to respond to these mounting interests about the country’s health care system, presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain appeared to be criticizing or finding fault in each other’s health care proposals. As far as the elements of cost and coverage, both Obama and McCain are headed towards making people accept that their respective health care plan is better that the other.

In general, what McCain has presented is the idea that in order to lower or reduce the cost as well as make the health care plan available to all, there is a need first to correct the system.

This rectification includes the promotion of new payment scheme which will improve and permit the country to deviate from the existing disorganized and amount-based practice to a health care structure which compensates a synchronized and worth-centered heath care. Another corrective measure aimed at achieving the two goals is the removal of Medicare scam and misuse.

It is also worthy to consider McCain’s proposal of using further Health Information Technology as well as establishment of more medical facilities and most importantly by lessening drug costs by adhering to the use of generics (“The Truth about the McCain-Palin Health Care Plan,” 2008).

Obama, on the other hand, focuses on the perspective of making health care plan work to the advantages of the people and industries and not just to the benefit of insurance companies and drug corporations (“Health Care,” 2008). Beyond the above initiatives laid down by McCain, the main proposals of Obama centered on lowering the price of drugs through importation of other similar and safe drugs which are produced by other developing nations.

Just like McCain, Obama similarly proposes ways to lower the cost of medicines by promoting more the use of generic medicines as well as criticizing drug companies and doctors obstructing inexpensive generic drugs (“Health Care,” 2008).

However, above all the mentioned ways proposed by Obama and McCain to lower the cost and make the health care program reachable by all Americans, it is most valuable for both the Federal and Estate governments to invest a great deal in the creation of more public medical facilities.

This is because the establishment of more public hospitals, if supported by the next President, will pave the way for the provision of totally free medical services for all levels of citizens. This initiative is a clear manifestation of hitting two birds with one stone.

This is primarily due to the fact that with more public hospitals, a lowered costs health care system is feasible and at the same time such health care structure will provide equal medical services for Americans hence widening the coverage of the program.

This manner of bringing back to the people a health care program which is due them is, in fact, the same structure existing in other countries. The principle is that nobody among Americans should be denied of the right to access or benefit from government-owned or public hospitals.

Therefore, with the said provision of more public hospitals as well as the Obama and McCain proposals, American people are guaranteed of affordable and comprehensive health care system.


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