Pros important topic in the current scenario. It

Pros and cons of Globalization

Globalization is a complicated issue and has become the most important
topic in the current scenario. It states that the development of a fully
integrated world, where all countries cooperate with each in various aspects
like knowledge, political, cultural values. The main reason behind the wide
spread of this idea is because of internet. With this internet the entire world
has a way to link together. This enables communication and collaboration with
people from different areas.  The core
values of globalization have truly changed the way that we see the world. For
better understanding, it is necessary to evaluate the pros and cons before drawing
any conclusion.


Global Economy

The globalization has brought a notable change in the access of
international sale and business. This has helped in breaching the opportunity
gaps between many countries.

of Labor

Globalization has helped in the free movement of labor all over the
world. They travel from country to country and they can also be able to market
themselves in the areas where there is a need of people with their skills.

trade makes a happy economy

All the trade barriers will be lift easily with globalization. Because
of no restrictions and heavy taxes, the purchase and selling of goods all over
the world will be easy and this would help to reduce the levels of poverty and
unemployment rates all over the world.


Loss of

With this globalization, eventually, every country will
run the in the same way. Due to this mass migration and western influences the
cultures of the countries will be lost. This is a scary thing for many people. Some
arguers of globalization believe that cultural barriers are most important in
order to have culture.

among Job markets

Though the free movement of labor is an advantage it has its own side
effects. With the migration of workers from one nation to the other, the countries
will have a dearth of job opportunities and struggle, because the skilled
employees do not often stay in same countries if they do not find a strong job.
This can cause a labor drain.

has negative impact on Environment

The most experienced observers say that environment has major impact
with this globalization. The increased consumption of a wide variety of
products leads to increased production and this causes a rise in pollution. The
environment is under added strain, and this can have devastating long term
effects on the earth’s environmental stability.