Prose Summary

Prose makes these connections by first introducing the brutal nature of reality television, a pastime that has soared in popularity in recent years. Shows such as Us river have been pitting everyday people against each other with a large reward awaiting the sole victor at the end of the race. She declare that with repeated exposure to these shows, we find it more and more accept able to become the ‘winner by every means possible, even if it’s not a million dollars at stake.

Pro SE also claims that the American public is ignorant to the travesties and perversions of deem curacy and justice that government officials the Republican party in particular inflict upon the p people of the United States. In the spirit of Social Darwinism that is the basis of many reality television shows, he public finds it acceptable for politicians, with the Bush administration in m mind, to get the results they want by any means possible.

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She feels that the more reality TV SE peps into our daily habits, the more numb we become to modern politics and affairs, adopting a ‘ zeitgeist’ of passive response and nonchalance. Ultimately, Prose strongly fears that like in televise on shows such as Survivor where only the most cunning and underhanded make it to the end, our govern moment will eventually become a hollow shell of what it once was. Instead of fighting for t he people, Republicans will fight only for themselves.