The Lunch Date, the lady showed a few prejudice behaviors, most of which were unconscious. Starting from the bumping into the black gentleman in the middle of the station, it was clear that it was an accident but she responded like it was the gentleman’s fault. Throughout the short film she gave mean looks to every black person she encounter.

She dint even pay the price of the salad like it was her right to set the price. Once she saw the gentleman eating his salad she immediately thought it was her salad, she didn’t ask, she assumed. Did like that the gentleman shared his salad with her. Once she found out that she was wrong about the gentleman and the salad it looked like she would have a change Of heart about people but once she walked outside she didn’t even look at the beggar, like he wasn’t even there.

I think her behavior is a product of her upbringing. When I was a kid, before I came to the U. S. , my friends used to tell me all kinds of stuff about Americans. Everything was negative. So when I got to KY I was walking round school with my left fist ready to punch the first person that said anything bad to me. From the very beginning was treated with respect and it changed my views about Americans. It really taught me not to judge people before I get to know them.