Purchasing And Supply Chain Management

These obligations include maintenance of the nation’s rice stockpile, acting as the buyer of last resort for payday farmers, managing the Bumpier Rice Millers Scheme and the distribution of Payday Price Subsidies to farmers on behalf of the Government. And we will continue to strive towards fulfilling our responsibilities to our shareholders, the industry, consumers and the nation as a whole. Product and Service BACK Trading Error) Sad. Bad. Has energetically been engaged in the rice packaging and distribution industry in the southern region of Malaysia.

We specialize in the modern design in packaging, cleaning as well as re-polishing o upgrade the quality to the increasingly demand in modern packing tailored to requirements. We are also the first leading distributor in the Malaysia to bring in the new automatic packing machines and automatic weighting machines as well as cleaning machine to maintain high standard in the quality, accuracy in the weight. We processing rice and packaging under own company brands which is Sahara, Royal Umbrella and Saga. Besides, we provide processing and packaging of rice service for Giant, Tests, Jus and other hypermarket.

This service is specification in BACK Trading. We ill keep the good relationship with retailer or wholesaler. Process There are 5 major Steps to processing the rice until it is ready for delivery. The first step is the rice with impurities IS put into the bag filter which is the machine use to clean the rice before proceed to next step. The impurity for example sand and stone will be removed by this machine. After that, the rice is channel to another machine use to whitening and polishing the rice. In this step, the skin of rice will be removed and produce rice bran.

Rice bran is very healthy for our body, it is usually used to produce cooking oil. After that, the ice is channel to a machine call multi sorter. The machine is imported from Japan and it is used to separating the sand and waste from the rice to ensure there is no impurity in the rice. In this step, the machine is also assist in sorting the rice into different grade by using IV technology. After sorting, the rice is ready for packaging. The rice is vacuum packaging with little air inside to prevent the breading of rice worm.

Besides, the plastic bag used for packaging is special design with a lot of small hole to allow air come out from plastic bag but not allow air to enter package. The last step is delivery. The rice will be delivery to hypermarket or shop by the transportation own by company. Inventory BACK Trading will responsible to do processing Of raw material (rice with residue) into their product (rice after all of the process), packaging and pricing. Besides, we also have unit machine in processing or manufacturing rice.

Since those machine was costly so that some machine only BPR Trading (Juror) have it which machine use to clean up rice and differences other dirty thing like glass, iron, and stone and so on. After we receipt the rice with residue, first step is intake of rice, per-cleaning, weighing, destining, whitening, polishing, separating grading, sorting, and last is automatic packing. E-business is very convenience and more safety compare with a lot of stock keep in warehouse. Our business is not only this but also provide e-business and our website is more popular now. We use POS system to manage and control our business in internet.

POS system is a computerized network operated by main computer and linked to several checkout terminals. With a POS system, can analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly. POS system also can maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions for seasonal purchasing trends and improve pricing accuracy by integrating bar-code scan nurse and credit card authorization ability with the POS system. Problem that we faced: 1 . The problem: When customer expects more and coincidence it is not the harvest season.

The solution: We would increase the price of rice. It is because our safety stock is limited and we are not just do business with you only also have other trading. This can prevent shortage and make higher financial condition. 2. The problem: Rice that put longer time. The solution: We use First in First out (FIFO) to control inventory. We have periodical to check and clear our stock, those rise which put in store a longer time will influence the quality of rise so we will sell cheaper to a company which made rice wine. This is a win-win solution, our stock can be neater at the same time it is more environmental. . The problem: Managing cash. The solution: The way to solve that from an inventory standpoint is by making sure we have set the appropriate reorder points for our business. We use reorder points on inventory items to keep purchasing streamlined and inventory management. Reorder points are the best method for making sure We have the right amount of inventory in warehouse at all times. If We have too little inventory we could lose out on sales, but if we have too much cash is tied up in inventory that will not be sold. Operation BACK Trading (Juror) is the only supplier In Malaysia.

As we know that in Malaysia, rice cannot export to other country so that BACK Trading is the most powerful rice supplier. BACK trading warehouse is responsible to do processing of raw material (rice with residue) into their product (rice after all Of the process), they also do packaging and pricing in warehouse. Besides arousing, they also have unit machine in processing or manufacturing rice as those machine was costly so that some machine only BACK Trading (Juror) have it like some machine use to clean up rice and different other dirty thing like glass ,iron , stone and many more .

BACK Trading can provide 10 thousand bags of rice in a day. BACK Trading has supply rice or product to super market, retainer, distributed and many more. We often import rice from Thailand. This firm covered their businesses at the south areas of East Malaysia especially in Juror. The brands such as Royal Umbrella, Sahara, Saga and Sunflower are the products of this firm. Problem that we faced: 1 . The problem: The machinery of our company is from Japan, and we keep checking the machinery in case of the machine accidentally broke down and unable to functional, it will delay the due date and it destroys customer relationship.

The solution: We’ll maintain the machine on every month for keeping high quality services to our dear customers. And we also got the replacement machinery if the machine is seriously broke down and unable to functional. The employees of company willing to work overtime if the machinery is unable to functional, due to lack of time to finish the order from customer. We’ll manage the order for offering to another customer who is order same product or similar product, if we take wrong order on the system. And we’ll offer another transportation for customer that which we taking wrong order.