Puritan American Literature

Total depravity- man is utterly wicked and needs a savior

Unconditional election- there are not conditions we meet in order for God to save us. It is his choice to save us.

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Limited Atonement- forgiveness is available only to God’s elect

Irresistible Grace- if God chooses you, you cannot resist it

Perseverance of the Saints- if you are truly saved you will not leave the path.

William Bradford
(puritan Calvanist) wrote “Of Plymouth Plantation”. He wrote during 1630-1640 but he spoke of 1620-1640. He wrote so that they would be remembered in history.

was an indian who Fluently spoke English.

He was introduced to the Plymouth Rock pilgrim’s, and he taught them how/where to hunt, fish, and farm. His tribe had all been wiped out, and he spent the rest of his life living with the Pilgrims

was the “chief of chiefs” and set up a peace treaty between the indians and pilgrims

was the first indian to go to the pilgrim camp (spoke broken engilsh). He brought massassoit and squanto with him.

William Byrd II
(anglican) wrote “The Secret Diary”. He was a wealthy, wordly christian. He put God into a box.

Mary Rowlandson
(puritan) wrote “a narrative of the captivity and restoration of Mary Rowlandson”. She was taken captive w/ her daughter after Indians raided their village. Only one person escaped the attack without being murdered or captured. Mary Rolwandson’s daughter Sarah died 9 days after the Indian attack at the age of 6. Unlike so many of us she is going through one horrific day at a time.

She maintained through it all her faith in God. She never doubted his goodness no matter what happened.

Anne Bradstreet
(puritan)Wrote “to my dear and loving husband””here follow some verses on the burning of our house””as weary Pilgrim””contemplations””oh my dear grandchild Simon B.”She wrote about things of daily life: love, pain, heartache, and trust in god through it all. She mourns loss and gets over loss

Jonathon Edwards
(Puritan) during the “Great Awakening” he gave the sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God”. he was one of the first to use scary imagery to drive home his message.

He peeled away layers of security like peeling away an onion…

layer…by layer.

Edward Taylor
(puritan) wrote “God’s Determinations (the preface)”.

he wrote of the magesty and power of God. He talks about how we are a diamond (our relationship with God) then we make it like coal (because of our sin) and he makes us like diamonds again by “shining us all up”. We screw it up. God makes it perfect.

Ben Franklin
(deist) wrote “Letter to Ezra Stiles” (ezra stiles was president of yale). he told his real beliefs in a friendly letter. He reveals his views on God, Jesus, other religions, and the after life. He says he wants to go out in peace with everyone

Thomas Payne
(HARDCORE DEIST) He wrote “Age of Reason”.

In it he was scathing and harsh. He hated organized religions saying they were “machines set out to terrorize and take money”. He believed jesus was a good man with great morals but was not the son of God.

He did not believe in anything supernatural. he had to see it to believe it. he was an old man when he wrote it and did not care if he was hated for his beliefs.

Metaphors of “Sinners in the Hand of an Angry God”
1. We are heavy led being held up by the hand of God all he needs to do is let go.2. Sprider webs and Falling rock.

The spider’s web (our plans) won’t catch the rock (us)3. God’s wrath is a violent storm. He is holding it back for a moment…you could die any second.

4. God’s wrath=flood waters behind dam5. God’s wrath is a bow and Arrow. Justice aims it at out hearts6. a spider/insect over the fire, and God’s hand is ready to dump us in.

7. The open door. Salvation is an open door. You do not need to to anything to receive salvation.

Deism belief on God
There is one God creator of the Universe. He is distant and is not involved in our lives. “Clockmaker”

Deism belief of Jesus
Jesus was a very good man and we should model our lives after him, but he is NOT divine.

Deism belief of After life
There is not really a heaven and hell. There is one place alot like this.

Live life well and after life will be good. Punishment is served only temporarily.