Quarter 1 Final

What is the interdisciplinary study of humanity’s relationship with other organisms and the nonliving physical environment?
Environmental Science
What is the ability to meet humanity’s current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs?
Environmental Sustainability
In what year did the world population surpass 6 billion?
How many people are now living in extreme poverty?
2.8 billion
What is the model that shows the mathematical relationship between environmental impacts and the forces that drive them and what does each part stand for?
Environmental Impact (I)=Number of people (P) * Affluence per person, measure of consumption of resources used by each person (A) * The effect the technologies used to obtain and consume those resources (T)
What layer of the atmosphere do CFC’s drift into?
What stipulates that highly developed countries must cut their emissions and other gases that cause warming?
Kyoto Protocol
What provision and in what year was this act introduced that allowed the reintroduction of the gray wolf to Yellowstone National Park?
Endangered Species Act- 1973
In what year and what act was this act authorized by Congress in which it requires the National Marine Fisheries Service and eight regional councils to devise strict quotas and other strategies to help declining marine fish populations recover?
Nagnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act
What was created in what year and is the first international treaty to regulate marine fishing?
U.S. Fish Stocks Agreement
What is a field of applied ethics that considers the moral basis of environmental responsibility and how far this responsibility extends?
Environmental ethics
What begins with specific examples and seeks to draw a conclusion or discover a unifying rule on the basis of those examples?
Inductive Reasoning
What operates from generalities to specifics and adds nothing new to knowledge, but it can make relationships among data more apparent?
Deductive Reasoning
What says that when a new technology or chemical product is suspected of threatening human health or the environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if there is scientific uncertainty about the scope of danger?
Precautionary Principle
What is the process by which the ecological consequences of human activities are estimated?
Ecological Risk Assessment
Who published a classic essay and in what year in the journal Science called “The Tragedy of the Commons”?
Garrett Hardin-1968
What aroused widespread public interest in the wildlife of North America?
John James Audubon
Who wrote about living in harmony with the natural world?
Henry David Thoreau
Who wrote about humans as agents of global environmental change?
George Perkins Marsh
What act and in what year gave the president the authority to establish forest reserves on public land?
General Revision Act- 1891