Quatavia Mcgirt Music Social Movements Paper

The rapper J Cole got himself involved this movement, He felt like he could reel ate to this act of police brutality from events that happened during his youth and being a young African American male growing up in the streets. He was Often harassed by police be cause of his race. His view of the situation was “That could been me, easily. That could have been my best friend”. L On the LA Times website it says that “The rapper Al Cole] was one of t he few boldface names to appear at the protests that broke out over the summer in Ferguson, Mo. , after a police officer killed an unarmed black roadside.

He turned up again last week in En w York City, where he was photographed taking part in a demonstration against a grand j Uri’s decision not to indict a police officer in the choking death of Eric Garner” . 2 Paragraph Contemplation Pay Taxes out My Ass But They Still Harass Me: 1 1 Amazing Songs About Police Brutality’, Mother Jones , 20 August 2014, http://www. Motherless. Com/Macromedia/2014/08/ fergusonpolicebrutalityplaylistl 1 Congolese 2 Mikhail Wood, ” Review: J. Coles ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ hits authentic notes”, Los Angels times , 08 December 2014, http://www. Lattices. Mom/entertainment/ aetmsjcole2014foresthillsdrivereview20141209story. HTML In recent years there have been many cases when white police officers killed an unarmed African American male and was not sentenced to any jail time, there was no f arm of punishment. But this is not just a recent issue in society; there has been a long history of police officers racially profiling and harassing people solely because they are black or Hispanic ICC Also,the implementation of New York City Stop and Frisk policy caused widespread cry tactics from those that felt this policy unfairly targeted minorities.

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According to Mimic. Com, white officers kill lack suspects twice a week in the united States, or an average of 96 times a year. Around a quarter of the 400 annual deaths reported to federal authorities by local police e departments were whiteboard shootings, And the analysis indicates that 18% of the black sups sects were under the age of 21 when killed by the police, as opposed to just 8. 7% of white sups sects. 3 These Statistics shows that African Americans are more likely to be killed by police o officers.

The hook of the song which says ” All we want do is take the chains off, All we want do is break the chains off, All we want do is be free, All we want do is be free ” uses Repetition to help J Cole show that all the people want is police brutality to stop. All they want is t o “be free” from the fact that the people have no rights when it comes to officers committing c mimes against citizens. They need to break off and take off “the chains” , and get justice. Line three and four of the bridge in the song uses point of view to show that the artist also is involved in this issue.

The lines say ” Something got me down, I will stand my ground, Don’t just stand around, don’t just stand around this shows that he is emotionally involved . The Song is a protest song and these lines could help people feel determined knowing t hat they are not alone. He expressing that he is with them, That he is feeling the pain also. People might believe that music is not an essential method of promotion g the message and levels of a social protest music. They would say that music is not what is imp orator, The actual protest is what people need to focus on.

This is not true, The music is what k pep us motivated. Everyone listens to music for all different type if reasons, So why not listen to music to help motivate us to make a difference in society ? Then since everyone listens to m USIA more people would hear the song, Know about the issue, and want to help it make a differ once. So Therefore music is an essential method of promoting the message a ND beliefs of a social movement. It keeps us motivated and determined to change the flaws n society.