I have developed my essential question: How are children affected mentally and physically by bullying from peers? What could be provided and integrated to encourage a more positive environment at school? Spending all fifteen of my experience hours with my consultant, Will Ferreira, has taught me a lot about bullying and the real aspects of it. I have been taking bullying much more seriously after speaking to Will and listening to what he had to say about it. Will is a campus supervisor at Mission Valley ROPE Training Center, where he makes sure that every student feels safe on campus.

At iris, it was difficult for me to find a consultant but through the help of my economics teacher, I was able to talk to another student who had the same topic as me; he introduced me to Will. Will told me about his career and how he has been dealing with bullies his whole entire life. From his experiences as a kid being bullied to an adult who has been trying to stop it and help kids who are bullied, Will made the perfect candidate for this project. He really enjoys working with people to get to the root cause, not Just to stop it for that moment.

One thing that Will told me that really Todd out was, “It doesn’t always cause problems at first, but when the bullying and harassment builds up, that’s when things get out of control” (Ferreira 2013). Though research Vive found that “Suicide rates among 10 to 14-year-olds have grown more than 50 percent over the last three decades”(Facts and Statistics). This is not okay, no child deserves to feel that much pain and end their life. This applies straight to my Essential Question because in order to create a positive environment we need to stop the problem before it escalates.

I listened to Will Ferreira talk about his experiences ND how he has been able to solve bullying problems in the past and what advice to give in different situations. One thing we focused on was how to get the word out. We discussed different ways we could help inform the public so they know how to deal with being bullied or what to do when someone they know is being bullied. When people are more aware of what is going on, they are more likely to save one’s life. Will continually emphasized the idea that you cannot Just let it go; you have to put your foot down and take action.

He said, “People will never understand the fact that lulling is something that should not even be messed with. We have the opportunity to help people realize” (Ferreira 2013). This is a statement that I believe in 100% ; that is why we want to get to the root cause of it so we can expand our ideas to get the information out. Vive learned many things from my experience that will help relate to my Essential Question. For example, when I thought about bullying, what came to my mind was hitting, punching, kicking etc. Will Ferreira made me realize the different ways of a person can bully someone.

He told me, “l don’t care if they are best friends f one of them calls the other a name I consider it bullying” (Ferreira 2013). At that moment I realized how serious Will Ferreira takes bullying; if he even hears an insult takes his Job extremely seriously and I highly respect that. Today, there are many different types of bullying and it can lead to different situations. During much research, I found that there are up to four different types of bullying, “Physical, verbal, covert, and cyber bullying”(Four Kinds Of Bullying).

Will talked about many innocent kids that were bullied that ended up bringing a knife or gun to school out of fear, not revenge. I then went back to my research, “86% said, “other kids picking on them, making fun of them or bullying them” causes teenagers to turn to lethal violence in the schools. “(Bullying Statistics). I asked Will how many times a year that he deals with bullying and his answer was 100 times a year. In my opinion, that number is too high and needs to be brought down.

He explained to me how difficult it is to reach out to many people because they simply do not think bullying is a serious matter. However, this way of thinking is unacceptable because many children have ended up killing themselves due to being bullied. Pushing someone so far that they kill themselves is simply unacceptable. I then looked for research. In an online article, the author argues about how “Bullying is something that should be taken care of seriously. Many children have been involved in situations where they have been bullied and sometimes words can do more damage to a person.

After much deliberation, we felt that we needed to get more people involved and even one person helping can make a huge difference” (Bullying And Teasing: No Laughing Matter). Although bullying has evolved into different ways such as cyber bullying, here is no reason to give up trying; we know we cannot completely stop bullying, but we can reduce it and get the word out so many other people can find ways to help reduce is as well. There have been many cases where people have attempted and/or succeeded to kill themselves.

Our Job is to make it so that percentage of attempted suicides drops drastically. Nobody deserves to be put through that, especially innocent people. Will explained to me how bullying usually starts and he said, “Once a kid makes himself feel superior to another they take that to advantage and use it against you” (Ferreira 2013). That does not mean that you have to fight back or get revenge, but there are many different ways that you could handle something like this. The main thing Will and I focused on was how to reach out to people and get them involved.

If more people start becoming aware of this social issue, then that could stop one person from being bullied or doing the bullying. We want to find a way to reach out to the kids and parents and inform them about how horrible it is to be in that type of situation. Most people don’t understand the effects of being bullied cause they have not been bullied, but it can easily traumatized a person. “The effects of bullying vary from child to child depending on the severity of the bullying, support systems, and coping mechanisms”(The Effects of Bullying).

We decided that for service we could make an informational video on how bullying effects a person. We came up with the idea to make videos of stories about people that have been bullied and we would reenact these stories. By doing this we feel as if we could reach out to many people and they could know what it feels like and what they can do to reverent these incidents from ever happening. We are hoping to reenact bullying stories that involve being physically bullied, verbally bullied, indirectly bullied, and cyber bullied.

This way everyone can find out what goes on in the different types of estimated that over 160,000 children decide to miss school every single day due to the fear of being bullied (What Parents Can Do). Being bullied can completely mess a child up inside the head. They begin to go into depression, develop unusual habits and try to keep themselves completely isolated from the people around them. There s noticeably more bullying in middle school (grades 6, 7, and 8) than in high school (School Bullying). It is extremely important for parents to create an environment where the child feels safe and not scared.

By doing this, you could keep a child from going into depression and/or suicide. We figured out that parents need to talk to their kids and get involved in their lives. Usually a child will not go to his or her parents to discuss what’s going on if they are being bullied. So as parents, it is their job to talk to their child, and find out the issue no matter what because if it escalates, hey could be going through a much worse problem. We also discussed how to get to the root of bullying, what causes one to bully, and techniques that we can use to spread the word.

We came up with a conclusion that it could go as far back to having problems at home, media, movies, and video games. All these things could be a possible reason for why one bullies. Bullying is getting worse every day and if more people don’t take action then it could be headed into a direction that none of us expected it to go too. Victims of bullying display a range of responses, even many ears later, such as: low self-esteem, difficulty in trusting others, lack of assertiveness, aggression, difficulty controlling anger, and Isolation (School Bullying).

When I first started my QUEST project I was worried that I wouldn’t find a service or consultant that would be acceptable for my topic, but through the help of my teachers at Irving high school I found more students who have the same topic as me, and through them I found a consultant and service. My service is provided by Facing History And Ourselves and The Fremont Unified School District. For my service, y group and I are creating an informational video about the affects of bullying and what we could do to encourage a positive environment and help bullied children.

There are many students working on this service together to make this video and each of us focus on a main thing. Many people are helping filming this movie and editing it and others are in the movie reenacting the scenes we have come up with. Others are also doing a personal video about their experiences with bullying in the past. We had a meeting on March 4th and we discussed all the group members’ roles for the video we are making. By that time we Just discussed possible choices of what we will be doing but didn’t decide on anything permanent. On March 27th my group and I had a meeting on what we will be putting in the video.

We discussed many scenarios that would connect to all of our essential question, experience, and research. We finally came up with something that we could stick to. The process to create something that would help us all in QUEST. It was not as hard as we Thought it would be because we all found a way to put something in the video that would benefit all of our individual projects. On April 4th we started filming our video. For one of my parts we filmed a scene where another student and I are bullies and we harass a little boy and take his cell phone.

We worked on this from many different angles of the camera to give it a realistic look. After we bully him, we see the boy on the same bench with a friend, and we try to harass him again. This time, reminiscences like the one Just mentioned to show the audience how it happens and what it can lead to. We also want the audience to understand that they can help as well. A quote from my service provider Jack Weinstein really stood out to me was hen he said, “It takes Just one voice to be heard, then millions will follow through and it can change the direction of ones life in a matter of seconds” (Weinstein 2013).

I found this to be very powerful because it honestly does take Just one voice to be heard before many others hear. If one person can make a difference in a someone’s life, that’s one less person committing suicide or falling into deep depression. We want to reach out to the audience so they know how to deal with situations like this. Every day a child is being bullied and each day they are losing their confidence because nobody knows. Through research Vive came across many different solutions on how to handle a bullied child and the bully.

Many solutions revolve around the parents, they don’t realize that they have the ability to make their child feel safe. “Preventing and stopping bullying involves a commitment to creating a safe environment where children can thrive, socially and academically, without being afraid” (How parents, teachers and kids can take action to prevent bullying). This quotation connects to parents because parents have the ability to change the direction of a child’s life by simply helping them out. This service I am doing with the help of Facing History and Ourselves and The Fremont Unified School District is beneficial to the community in many ways.

This service helps the community because we are doing something that will open many eyes and people will realize that they can make a difference as well. No parents want their child to be a victim of bullying, so therefore we want to reach out to the parents as well as students let them know what they can do to prevent this from happening. “If you’re a parent concerned about bullying, it’s important to recognize the signs that a child is a bully, s well as the signs of one who is being victimized”(What Parents Can Do About Childhood Bullying).

The service I am doing connects to my essential question because we are trying to get to the root of the problem and find out how this will effect a child in all ways. We also want to create more of a safe and positive environments for kids and we would like to inform the parents on how they could do that. “Everyone at school can work together to create a climate where bullying is not acceptable” (Build A Safe Environment). Overall I had a really good time performing this service and I know my service will make a difference.

Throughout this year of QUEST, Vive done much research, experience, and service to better understand my topic as well as find an answer for my essential question. How are children affected mentally and physically by bullying from peers? What could be provided and integrated to encourage a more positive environment, both at home and school? By speaking and shadowing Will Ferreira at Mission Valley ROPE Training Center and after much research, I have realized that there are many different ways a child could be affected mentally and physically. Younger children often are affected by physical lulling rather than mental bullying.

Younger children don’t have the mind set to damage another with their words, so they do with violence. Which affects the children in a way that they are scared from life and everyone around them. Children have fear built in them after one incident and it affects them for a long time. As step higher. Most kids are sensitive and even if it seems like they aren’t affected by what a person has said to them, they are. Kids figure out more ways on how to harass a student. This can affect a child in many ways, such as leading to depression and high anxiety. It can lead a child to sadness and it can change the way they life their life.

Physically a child can be affected by injuries such as bruises, cuts, scars, broken bones etc. They become scared and lose interest in what they loved before. There are many ways to provide a safe and positive environment for children that are being bullied. The main answer is parents, they need to talk to their kids and find out what’s going on. Parents have the key to make their child feel safe again. When a child speaks out, his or her should be heard. Whether its at school or home. Teachers need to be more aware of the affects on bullying. Some children can be affected in a way where they feel as if they don’t have anything to live for.

This happens in many cases where something tragic happens and people then start to notice. Facing History And Ourselves is a non-profit organization that is towards bringing awareness to Bullying. Facing History And Ourselves have worked with middle school kids about the subject of bullying. With the help of Facing History And Ourselves my service group has made a informational video on bullying. From my service it will make a big impact on the community and open more eyes. This project has definitely made me row as a person and gave me a better outlook on life.