Quiroz Zulema Eat more move less essay

Early obesity can actually cause more damage once they grow up. One thing that re surprised me a lot was that obesity cost over 1,500 billion dollars. I mean that’ as lot of money that might be another reason why the U. S is so in debt. I learned many things about my nutrition, I think that the super tracker helped me out a lot. One thing that I said before was that I never met my calorie limits I was always under no matter how hard I try, I’m just not hungry. So when we had to do HTH s food intake graphs meaning we had to pick 3 days on how you would usually eat.

T hen you would calculated the calories, protein, carbohydrates, omega 3 and etc. That’s Where I found out that my average of 3 days of my calories is 973, and am supposed to eat at least 2,000 calories or less by a little but I should’ve meet my goal in everything g. I was also under everything including vitamins. Was very surprise because I honest Lye think that eat a lot of a girl my age. Like when we go out eat any. Where I usually eat like 2 plates of food plus the drinks and cake, if the cake is good I eat about 2 plates of cake UT I also burn it off because I am running jumping pretty much exercising.

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I a Iso learned about IBM (body mass index), my body mass index is in the normal w eight its 24. 9 which is really good for me. Also I started to read nutrition facts like how much serving size are in a whole cup or container and let’s say that one serving size is about 250 calories and the whole container has 2 serving size then the calories wool d be 500 calories in the whole container. Learned where the total fat, saturated fat, tot al carbohydrates and etc. Retry much learned how to read all kinds of food labels.

We also did these nutrients jigsaw activity. Honestly I learned a lot during these activism like it p repaired me more for the test. Like for example never knew there were healthy source sees of carbohydrates including whole grains, fruit, and beans. Also some harmful die tart fat are saturated fat and Trans fat. What really liked about this was that we had to read this short articles and it had all the answers on there and sometime the teach errs came around and helped us.