Reader Response One Piece

Odd’s story is truly amazing and was something that changed my fife as read it. TO most it Seems quite childish with the cartoonist artwork and endless comedy, but underneath all the silliness One Piece really portrays some serious issues in the world. One Piece is Odd’s way of showing people how we are all chained down by justice and makes everyone question the definitions of justice and freedom. Personally I love one piece because not only was it’s entertaining Odd’s work was thought provoking and had me questioning our society, the world, and left me rethinking whether we are truly free.

If there’s one thing about One Piece, it’s that the show portrays the overspent as an enemy of not only the protagonists but of society as well. In what I believe to be one of the best arcs Chicory Odd has ever written, “The War of The Best” (chapter 550-580, episode 457-489) Odd says that the government is not god, the government is not justice, and justice is no reason for war. Odd does this by showing government perform acts that would bring anyone’s morality into question.

Actions like slaughtering people who have no will to fight, killing their own soldiers who choose not to join the battle, and all he while preaching ideals of justice and that the war is for the sake of justice. Find myself agreeing with Odd because I have never thought of the government as a symbol of justice or a god, the perfect being. To me, as someone who lives in a democracy, the government is the embodiment of the people’s will and respond to the people.

A good example of the government being there for the people is the idea of petitions, should the public ever not agree with the actions of the government they can make a petition and change that. I am not old enough to vote so don’t have any influence over what happens in the political system and I have never had much of a care for politics. Something that I do want to be present in the government are those who listen to the people and their requests; I want people in the government who care about the public. Et the feeling when I read One Piece that the author agrees with me as the government in the story is comprised of four individuals, four people who control the whole world all based on what they think the world should be and look like. The government in the show is operated from the public and treat people like livestock, sheep that exist for the sake of the shepherd and it doesn’t matter if a couple die. I think that both Odd I agree that this is not the way the government should be, people are not here for the benefit of the government.

Another reason why agree with Odd is that no one can define what justice is. Justice has always been an ideal which everyone wants to fight for simply because it sounds so nice, but ask them to define it and it will become clear that not a single one of them can agree what justice is or what it looks like. Personally I don’t know the definition of justice and I don’t think I ever will because it is an ideal that is affected by who am and my experiences in life; the problem is I haven’t finished experiencing things yet , I’m not done living.

My current idea of justice is all about equality and this is because I’ve seen both the tip top of society and the very bottom. Coming here from China we didn’t have much and over the years so much has changed that can clearly see the difference. Have come to realize the gap between even the middle and the bottom is enormous. Currently I believe that if the government should pursue a justice it should be equality for the people. This is but my opinion and most likely not everyone shares that opinion.

When I read One Piece, I feel Justice is an ideal that is nice to dream about and it should remain that, a dream, not an excuse for war. Though I agree with Odd I feel that he takes the power and control that the government has to the extreme because we don’t have soldiers that solely obey orders we don’t have high ranking military members who blindly ruse the ideal of justice while disregarding everything including public safety. Hint that what he is trying to say about the government and justice will be better conveyed if the audience can make that connection between the government in the mange and their government. Chicory Odd’s One Piece teaches the world what real freedom looks like and brings to light issues with the government and its ideals in a way that can change how we see authority figures around the world. After reading One Piece I began to think about the connection between justice and freedom.

Looking at the government system in One Piece; how they had an idea of absolute justice and crushed everything in their way to achieve their ideal just world. Then I take a good look at our world and see governments trying to control everything using things like justice and safety as an excuse to increase their influence and control over the general public. In recent years especially in America police malnutrition has become a huge problem. Police have tanks and military grade equipment available to them the same way the government in One Piece gives so much power to its army.

What I saw in Odd’s work is a mirror that reflect a world much like our own; a government that is increasingly distant from the people, trying to become godlike being and taking freedom away from the public for the sake of their idea of absolute justice. The difference being that in our world no one is there to question the idea of justice and we have all come to accept that justice must be absolute in our world.