Reading to children is to be near them

In my house we have always had the habit of reading aloud to our daughter. Moreover, reading almost playing laying beside each paragraph a dash of excitement and mystery.

The truth is that our daughter happily learned to read very quickly. Through the books she learned some concepts of life that neither we nor the teacher could teach. Each book is a world that children or a child opens the world opens up.

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Reading stories to children

Anyone can tell stories to children. You do not need to be experts, professors and scientists, we just have to experience it and enjoy it as a habit in our children’s lives. To read to our children we are not only developing an activity with them as strengthening the bond of affection , trust and communication with them. We will be passing on our feelings, our enthusiasm, emotions, and above all they are very important to us.

Reading to children according to their age

Families who have the habit of reading to children reading and know how to read as children grow. If you do not grow, children become bored and lose interest in reading. We must encourage and maintain their curiosity by reading some very simple ideas.

1 – Reading to children from 0 to 3 years

I have always respected the editorial guidelines as to how old is directed reading books. At this age, we were reading a story to our daughter, every day, for at least 15 minutes at a time to go to bed. Books should be more illustrations than text and reading more fun effects on the voice and face, than words.

2 – Reading to children 3 to 6 years

For this age there is a huge variety of books, with rich illustrations and witty and full of fantasy stories, including English and other languages. Surround your children with books. The kids can choose the story and characters of your choice. You can enjoy many more from reading a story, and when termineis can comment and review its history. Sure you ask your children listen to a story, again and again. The timing of the reading will be very rewarding for everyone.

3 – Reading to children 6 to 9 years

At this age, and you can take turns to read a book, the child read a page and your next. You will not have to read an entire book. There will be times when your child will want to read a book alone, before bedtime. You can help you relate what you read in books with what happens in real life. Offer books of different topics so you can identify your preference. It is also important that you add the magazines at the time of reading your children.