Recommendation letter

Her ability to critically think, identify the research challenges and propose possible solutions makes her a suitable candidate for the proposed program. She has always shown keen interest in independent learning and problem solving. She is also quick at grasping the ideas explained to her by myself during past six months. Her participation in the Network Research Lab (NOR) at School Of Computer Science and Engineering, university of New South Wales (NUNS), Australia will not only be beneficial for herself in further grooming her abilities but will also be a valuable addition n already active research group at NOR.

At NOR, she will also be able to use the experimental facilities that are otherwise not available to her at her parent university in Pakistan. Wireless Mesh Networks are emerging as cost effective alternate for providing last hop broadband wireless access. Deployment of such networks for Internet access in developing countries like Pakistan and rural areas of Australia (where infrastructure deployment is not cost effective) is equally beneficial and feasible. I am aware of tallest one reject in both countries, aiming at large scale wireless mesh network deployment.

Research by Miss Sadie will be a significant contribution in resolving the capacity issues of WIN. As per my understanding, XX slightly lacks in self-realization of her capabilities. I believe that her interaction with people from different parts of the world at NUNS, Australia will positively impact this aspect of her personality. I strongly recommend her for the award of fellowship. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.