Interpersonal communication skill is the most essential part of our life. It is the only medium to express our feelings, thoughts and behaviors either in verbal, or in non-verbal way, in which I find that need to improve on this skill. Am always keen to learn how to interact with other people and express myself efficiently. The communication process is complete only when the message sender and the message receiver understands the message.

After the first class of interpersonal communications, that is, the course being a pre-requisite for Nursing courses, realized that expressing my points of views in an effective way enhances the conversation. While having a group discussion in the classroom, I choose to be silent because of my shyness. Even though I know what to say cannot express it in my words. I start mumbling and sometimes pronounced words incorrectly. I need to work on these skills things so that I will not won’t put myself in an embarrassing situation. Probably, I should talk calmly and make myself clear in pronunciation.

As English is my second language, it might be a challenge to me for a certain time, but eventually it will bring out my the confidence. In the first class, our instructor told us to make a group of two to three students and introduce ourselves with each other. At the time of conversation with members of the group, them, figured out that I need to pay more attention on the topic and make sure everyone understand what I am trying to convey. Usually, I speak in a low voice and often others find it difficult to hear me. So, my main focus will be would be to improve on it by making my voice a bit odd and clear.

Additionally, I need to improve my communication at my work too. Initially when I started working as a barista I was afraid to speak with customers and even felt uncomfortable sharing work information with my co-workers. Used to make mistakes while taking an order 3 because it used to be an embarrassing situation for me to ask customers to repeat their order. Again. For me, listening is the significant aspect of proper communication skills so, have improved a lot than in the past few years by listening attentively to the customers.

According to Vaughn Leonard, active listening is one of the effective ways to improve the communication skills (Active listening, Para. 2). One has to listen carefully to fully understand the meaning that people are trying to communicate. Learned that The the highest amount of information is conveyed by face-to face communication which is an effective way for prompt messages. But, However,l prefer written communication because sometimes the words do not come the way I would like in face-to-face conversation.

I feel embarrassed if I am saying something wrong or that am not supposed to say, or renounced in a wrong way which changes the meaning of the subject. In addition, do not have a tendency to do more talking than the other person that keeps me in an awkward situation . At this moment, the most useful element for me is to improve my skills in face-to-face communication, by making an eye contact, not worrying about my shyness and improve on my vocabulary and pronunciation. Nursing is a profession that focuses on the health of individuals, families, and communities, where communication plays an important role.

This field requires good communication skills and abilities to maintain positive relationship with other health care providers and patient/client. My step towards being a good communicator in this field requires a lot of determination. There are some challenges that might have to face. Much information is shared and learned through communication about how the patient feels. It is important to listen to the patient and be able to solve their problems. My future goal is to become a successful nurse which requires a lot of patience and time. 4 Communication is a major factor that reflects our personality.

It is all about sharing information. Now that changes do not happen in one day, it gradually improves with the continuous effort I have improved a lot on how to communicate with people and will continue to learn more for the rest of my life. No matter what the obstacles are, I have to overcome my fear and shyness. I need to build up more confidence and believe in myself. I won’t say will be perfect, but with my continuous learning habit will get better every day.