Rehearsal Techniques to Explore Relationships

To do this, they could use levels to assert their character’s dominance in the scene. For example, the women of the lowest rank could kneel on the floor and the highest could stand on a chair. This would benefit the performers as the exploration of status would indicate the differences in the character’s personalities and how the position Of Status changes throughout the scene. Still imaging is another technique that would explore the women’s relationships.

After looking at page 19, when Lamppost agrees to Illustrator’s plan to renounce sex, the actors could create woo separate still images highlighting the differences between the attitudes of Morphine and Calorie in comparison to Lamppost and Illustrate. The separation of the characters into two groups would assist the actor in rehearsals as it shows the report between the latter two characters and the distance between the others’ ideas. Gestures, an acting technique developed by Barrett Breech, could be used to present a social attitude embodied by each of the characters and the relationships between them.

The performers would deed to read the extract and understand what each of the characters represents. For example, Illustrate personifies the Greek fear of a transgressing woman whereas Calorie depicts the typical Greek idea of a housewife and child bearer, in addition to a sexual object for men to admire. The use of caricature, another Breeching idea, would further enhance these social attitudes thereby benefiting the actors as the relationships would develop as the contrasts appear more clearly between the characters.