Religion in the Media

There are a lot of religious issues out there that aren’t getting the coverage that they deserve. If they are getting coverage they are not getting the right coverage, because of lack of information. One story in particular has been told differently by many different news sources. They story of the Nigerian Christian who are being murdered, is one that needs coverage. It’s sad though that no matter what news source you choose to read about it on not one story is the same.
The first story I choose to look at was a story posted by Cross Map. They said that, “about 40 people were killed in coordinated attacks on Monday night in four Christian-dominated villages in the central Nigerian State of Plateau. Local sources contacted by World Watch Monitor report that the assailants, were believed to be members of the Fulani tribe.” (“Central Nigeria: Four Christian-dominated Villages Decimated; Dozens Killed; Muslim Tribe Suspected of Attacks “)
The second source I used was Canada Free Press. They reported that, “More than 70 Christians reported killed at instigation of terror group Boko Haram. 900 Christians murdered in past year.” (“70 Christians Killed in Nigeria Attacks “)
The third article was reported by the AINA. Their story said, “Suspected Muslim herdsmen slaughtered 37 Christians in coordinated attacks on four Plateau state villages early this morning.” (“Islamic Extremists Kill At Least 71 Christians in Nigeria”)
The first thing I want to address is that in each of these articles they report a different number of Christians that were murdered. This could be due to many reasons. Some bodies could be so mangled, that they couldn’t tell how many bodies there were. Or the people reporting to the scene could not have cared enough to accurately report. The next thing in the article that wasn’t reported accurately was where the incident took place. There were exact locations named, but they weren’t the same in any article. It is almost as the information is…