Requirements analysis

To our classmates, especially to our Instructor Mr.. Patrick E. Doodle for the time, wisdom and knowledge he had given on us that was imbued to equip us with the things that we will be needed in facing the challenges of our life and welcome us to the world of knowledge. And to our Almighty God for without Him all these are nothing. Online Supply Inventory System Inventory management is a prime task for an organization to achieve its goals of maintaining appropriate level of inventory and minimizing waste.

A web- based system of managing inventory in a university setting is expected to help various facilities keep an update on the status of their tools and equipment. In this study, a model is presented for putting an online supply inventory system in place in different of Buckskin State University, Alluvial External Studies Center. In designing such a system, PH has been employed as a development language and Myself as a backbend database with CSS implemented for the interface.

Two screen-shots have been illustrated to offer a glimpse of the proposed web-based system and its applications. This online supply inventory system would help the personnel in charge of the supply office find out the capacity of the supplies as well as the relevant information of asset availability, and replace the current practice of extensive manual recording of asset documentation thus holding a key for an organization like university to gaining competitive advantage through efficient operational performance.

Chapter I Introduction Inventory system deals primarily with determining the size and placement of the materials within a facility or within multiple locations of a supply chain network. It is also concerned with the importance of forecasting the required inventory, availability of physical space, and cost in carrying those inventories to maintain the planned course of production against the random fluctuations, or shortage of materials. One way of managing inventory is to have a web-based system in place that can instantly track and update the information about the tools or equipment.

The importance of implementing a web based inventory system is becoming vital as most of the time the information are accessible instantly, thereby making the details of the usage of the equipment available, and improving he movement and anticipation of their demand as well as the productivity of the system as a whole. The implementation fifths web-based inventory system can help institutions develop the skills to cope with their operational environments. Because lack of system tool to be used to monitor the availability and quantity of materials in this university. 1. Statement of the Problem General Problem: Buckskin State University, Alluvial External Studies Center (CASE) Supply Office Inventory System is using manual system on the inventory of all the properties of university. Specific Problem: They are using MS Excel in their inventory to record the properties of the university. They could not easily track down the properties of the university. 0 Redundancy in entering items. CLC It takes much time in making their inventory 1. 2 Objectives General Objectives To develop an efficient and fast computer-based inventory system in Office.

Specific Objectives C] Shorten data-processing time In processing the inventory, it will not consume enough time to process. D Reduce errors Through this system, fewer errors will be avoided because the system will be easy to use. C] Improve the accuracy of input It will help the user to avoid mistakes regarding the data that they will give to the clients. There will be accurate information. 2 Give information easily and efficiently It will make easier for the user to give information to the faculty. C] Data integrity It gives users the assurance that the information they see is trustworthy.

D Data security It ensures that data is kept safe from corruption and that access to it is suitably controlled. Thus data security helps to ensure privacy. It also helps in protecting personal data. 1. 3 Project Concept The proponents have come with the idea of the project because many of the casualties in Buckskin State University Alluvial External Studies Center have observed that the Inventory system rely on manual process of giving information on the properties of the university. Many of the faculties also observed and complained that the processing of their information is time consuming.

Then the proponents have decided to propose a computerized information system in the Supply Office of Buckskin State University Alluvial External Studies Center, Alluvial, Misaims Oriental in order to improve and develop their system and to track the properties of the university more responsive to he needs and desires of the faculties. 1. 4 project Vision The Buckskin State University Supply Officer wants to make the inventory system more responsive to the needs and desires of the faculties by making manual system a computerized one.

They want to have a system that will help reduce files, paper works and delays in computer processing. 3 The system could provide limited access to ensure data security and the data is protected. They also recommended to effectively and efficiently tracking the properties of the school. 1. 5 Relevance of the Study Nowadays, institutions particularly at Buckskin State University,Alluvial External Studies Center, Liberalism’s Oriental are looking for improvement of the Supply Office for their system to reach and achieve their goals and objectives as successful institutions.

The relevance why the proponents have to conduct the study is: 0 To understand how institutions work to design an appropriate computerized system L] To enhance the service offered by the institutions This study will be advantageous not only to the management but also for the faculties and staffs and individuals involved in their information. This includes the fool lowing: C] Faculties/Staffs – this will help minimize their tasks and speed up the recessing of information.

CLC Management – through this system study, the management will be able to evaluate or assess the performance of the currently used system and be able to find out the common problems that arise. 1. 6 Scope and Limitation This study limits only in the process of inventory system of the Buckskin State University, Alluvial External Studies Center supply office which is located at Application, Alluvial, Misaims Oriental. The possible people that can use the system would be the following: 4 C] Principal- the center administrator of a school. He has the authority to operate the system; he can open it if he has transactions to do.

C] Supply Officer – the person assigned to manage the properties of the university; he/she have also the authority to operate the system; he/she is the one that will make the inventory Of the property Of the university. L] Other people that would be given the authorization. 1. 7 Definition of Terms C] Inventory- is the process of making an itemized list of supplies on hand. C] Inventory system- is the system of recording the properties of the school in us apply office Faculty information- faculty background CLC Data loss-refers to the unforeseen loss of data or information.

CLC Data Security- extrusion prevention is the practice of stopping data leakage by filtering outbound network traffic. The practice protects sensitive digital assets from unauthorized transfer by stopping the movement of packets across the network. Extrusion detection, by contrast, simply alerts an administrator to a potential issue. C] Data Integrity- refers to the validity of data, meaning data is consistent and correct. Chapter II Review of Related Literature Keeping records and inventory numbers by paper are a thing of the past.

With doing that you can ‘t have up to date accurate numbers and by not avian up to date accurate numbers it can make your day a little more challenging then it normally should be. In today’s society everything is about the now, and with the now comes new technology. We all know that paper records are not anything new it is an old habit that needs to be broken. Buckskin State University Supply Office is an office which is a part of the school that supplies books and other supplies that the school needed.

Since IBIS Supply Office has a computer which they use to make inventories using MS Excel, we offered them our proposal of improving their inventory method. We call our project proposal “Advance Inventory System” because the office already have already a computerized system, as mentioned earlier. Using MS Excel in doing inventories is much like doing it on paper but it is much easier because you won’t be writing on a bunch of papers. An inventory system is a complete system that performs functions such as transactions (borrowing of books/supplies).

For the reason the system guides them through the creation of faculty list, supplier list, book and supplies list. The system can track down supply items, remaining stocks and incoming stocks. Chapter Ill Methodology 5 The study was proposed for the inventory transaction of the Us apply Office of Buckskin State University, Alluvial External Studies Center located at Alluvial, Misaims Oriental. 3. 2 Requirements Definition There are several functions that are included in the system to satisfy the needs of the university.

Some of these are as follows: The proposed system is intended for inventory purposes. Thus, it can perform different processes included in the inventory. It will be able to monitor the supply of a certain items; the newly ordered items will be added to the current stocks and for the outgoing stocks that can be subtracted from he current stock. Therefore, the university will able to track the item/supply that are running out of stock and thus prepare order. It can also monitor faculty orders, and purchases from supplier. 3. 2. 2 Non – Functional Requirement 3. . 2. 1 Performance Requirement The system would require the hardware and software specification stated below to maximize its performance. Fifth specified requirements are not provided by the university, the system will not satisfy the institution expectation on the system. Aside from the hardware and software specification, the system also requires a user that is capable of navigating the system well. And it’s not necessary that the user types very fast, even if it is just the average speed as long as it can manage the system well. 6 3. 2. 2. 1. Hardware and Software Requirement The proposed system will work on Firebox V. 3 or higher, Google Chrome . 3. 21. 1 11 or higher and Internet Explorer 7 or higher running under Windows Operating System. Software Requirement The system requires a minimum of Windows 2000 or higher than Windows Hardware Requirement Minimum of 20 KGB hard disk or higher L] 256 MBA memory or Higher C] Intel Pentium 4 C] Monitor Al Mouse C] Keyboard CLC power supply Alternating Voltage Regulator(AVER) CLC Printer C] Modem 9 3. 2. 2. 2 Information Requirement The specific inputs are required by the system in order to perform it function: well.

Some information is necessary to provide and to gain desired output. Information like faculties name, address, contact number, etc. Are required the system to recognize the authorized persons that can use the system in institution. Item ID, item name and other information about the item is also necessary. Faculty id, name, position, designated room, etc. , item code name are also needed. There are should be unique identifier of each item, supplier, occult, user, etc. Because the identifier will be the one that will set a difference among all other data.

Most of the data are stored in the system itself, but some of it is kept manually for the purposed of the institution. 3. 2. 2. 3 Economic Requirement If the proposed system will be implemented, university will need a set of computer to be used. But since the institution already have an existing one, it would be their decision it they would buy a new one. They will need to provide a budget for bond papers and ink/ribbon for printing purposes. 3. 2. 2. 4 Control and Security Requirement Security and control over the data is necessary in creating a system.

This is to minimize issues Of unauthorized data manipulation and data loss. The researcher would set constraints for security purposes. A unique surname and password will be providing to authorize personnel in the institution. This will appear at the start-up of the system.