Research Paper

Am interested in this topic so that I can better understand how to steer my daughter away from a lifestyle of weight and health struggles. In order to properly understand the differences between her generation and mine, will research and compare data between my birth year, 1 980, and hers, 2007.

According to preliminary research have conducted: obesity has nearly tripled nice 1980. Find this not only disconcerting but also extremely fascinating. With all the research, readily available, showing the direct correlation between the growing problem of obesity and the consumption of fats and sugars in a modern child’s diet, why are we as a society not acting on this? Where is the breakdown? My focus for this paper will be to determine what role America’s school system plays in the detrimental diets of our children.

My concern is that schools, with limited budgets to provide healthy meals, rely evilly on cost-effective staples such as fried foods, sodas and vending- machine snacks to stretch a tight budget. Today it is common that both parents work and depend on the schools to provide a child’s lunch, whereas thirty years ago a homemaker would be more involved with the preparation his or her child’s essential meals. These are factors consider important to research further.