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People can look at this as a positive thing, with all these teens having smartened that teaches them responsibility and learning skills. On the 10th ere hand some people may disagree with that and argue that smartness are changing the way tee NSA live their normal lives and causing problematic issues with teens. Your claim comes across a little weak because you are going back and forth. This is your opportunity to explicitly state where you are coming from in this paper. You could have worked a little better with this: “Smart pooh ones are changing teens lives, oftentimes causing unnecessary problems. See what I’m saying 🙂 The way teens are living is becoming worse mug u to the use of smartness. Teens are now becoming sleep deprived or just simply enable to pay attention at all. Some people may be questioning why this is happening or how teens have become to be this way. I n the article “Smartened ‘Addiction’ May Affect Adolescent Development,” the author, De boras Brasses, indicates that teens who are very high users of smartness develop serious problematic Formerly 2 behaviors. These behaviors include “somatic symptoms, attention deficits, a ND aggression” (Brasses).

The problem that really draws the most attention to people is the a tensional deficits. Teens all over the world have attention deficits due to the high use of smart phones (citation) For example, teens not paying attention in class because they are too distract De by their smartened teens not listening to others because they are so drawn into what is on their phone ; and not being able to sleep or do homework because they just can not get Of their phone. Teens not paying attention in school because they are using their smartened is growing and happens every day in every class.

Teens have access to just about anything on their SMS urethane : social media, testing, internet, APS, just bout anything they want no wonder why they are distracted. These distractions can be a problem because they may not only be distracting to the one smartened user, but a Iso to the students around them. In the article “Negative effects of cell Phones on Education” it states that “Inside the classroom, students are distract Ted from the lessons to text, play games and, if they are very daring call other people” (Wright). Also teens are becoming sleep deprived because Of the use Of smartness.

In an article it says that “t reels with excessive cell phone habits exhibit chronic restlessness, a reliance on sit emulating drinks, faculty falling asleep at night, disrupted sleep and an inclination toward fat guy and stress” (Wright). This is telling us that teens who use smartness can not get sleep a ND that can be very unhealthy. The smartened has affected teens in many negative ways that ha eve harmed their way of life and learning. As you just read there are some negative effects the smartened can have on teens, but that does not mean there are not any positive effects.

The smartened is a gar eat device because of the accessibility. People have access to the internet, APS, social media, and of course Formerly 3 communication. Teens specifically can use things such as educational APS, the internet and [Missing something here] to communicate with others to help with their education. In the article “Cell Phones and Their Positive Effects on Youth” it states that” s mom high schools take advantage of educational games for cell phones. Educators can also teach stud dents how to use their phones as research tools, which encourages youth to take more initiative e in their own learning” (Baker).

Teens who have a smartness can all take advantage of it for educe action purposes and can become more intelligent using their smartened. The smart typhoons can rustically tell us anything they want because they are so intelligent. In the art icicle “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal” it says hey would keep on developing until they are far more intelligent than we are” (Grossman). This tells us that we can use these smartness to further educate us since they are becoming more intelligent. Smartness are also g DOD for communication and not just testing and calling, but also media.

Teens always want to be up to date on all the gossip and talk going around. With social media, they have ex. city that. Teens can keep in touch with their friends and keep up with the talk going around the SC LOL. Smartness have become a very powerful source of technology and will keep improving the e intelligence and communication between teens. Teens using smartness can have many negative but also positive effects on teens. From teens becoming sleep deprived and difficulty with paying attention, to APS a ND tools that help teach and educate teens.

Some people may argue one way or another, but no one can argue the point that more teens are getting cell phones and causing an impact on them. Formerly 4 Works Cited Grossman, Level. “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal. ” Time Magazine 10 February 2011. Print. Wright, Heath. “Negative Effects of Cell Phones on Education. ” 17 September 2010. Baker, Lisa. “Cell Phones and Their Positive Effects on Youths. ” 4 February 2010. Print. Oho Brasses, Deborah. “Smartened ‘Addiction’ May Affect Adolescent Developed NT. ” Netscape 23 May 2013. Pant.

Formerly 5 Research Paper Rubric Exceptional Intro 10% Conclusion Development Skilled Developing Emerging/leaned Tate Intro begins with a relevant attention getter that draws the reader in Intro contains an original, arguable claim mostly relevant attention getter that draws the reader in Intro contains an original claim that is somewhat arguable Intro begins with an attempt at an attention getter to draw the read in Intro contains a claim that is original, though somewhat vague Intro begins with a weak getter, or no attempt at all unoriginal claim, or no claim at all Conclusion skillfully restates the essay’s claim.