Research reflection

The assembly at the International Research Conference for Nursing Students (Orisons) is, indeed, a mind opening opportunity for all of us student nurses especially to us, 3rd year students, who are now in the phase of doing research projects. Though it is not our first time to do a research, this time around we are more challenged to do well in our research paper and come with a better research output. The topics that have been discussed in the conference had enabled us to become more knowledgeable about nature of search.

Nonetheless, the conference had not only provided us the knowledge about the nature Of research but it had also allowed us to see the importance of research in the nursing profession. Likewise, conference had brought us encouragement in conducting our research and it had actually motivated me to try doing researches regarding health care in the future. At first, I find research as a difficult and a very stressful activity because research is not simply surfing the internet and mere typing the keywords at the search AR and finding the answers to your question at one click.

Rather, research is a systematic process of solving a problem or a query. Yet, when I heard the opinions of the speakers and some audiences regarding research, had then, realized that difficulties and hardships are just part of the research process and nothing could be as great as success when you have passed these challenges. So, in that case, tell myself that must go on and face this fear because the good things and positive side of research awaits at the end.

I agree with what the speaker said when asked by one of the audiences on how to encourage a student to do research. The speaker answered, “Expose them. Once they have experienced doing a research, they will realize how important it is to make a research in spite of its difficulties. ” Research is an important factor in our profession, as a nurse because it is where we base our knowledge and judgments in making critical decisions. Evidence-based practice provides the most reliable source of information that we can obtain n the nursing care. Sole reliance to textbooks and expert faculty knowledge does not promote the critical thinking skills of nurses,” said by the speaker. “Evidence-based practice is what we need,” she added. Believe that, in this case, nurses should act as a change agent in the promotion if evidence-based practice. Moreover, the reason why we do research is to provide knowledge and information to the common people and the evidence-based practice arises from research.