The similarities between visual and nonverbal communication are slightly varied but overall the same. They both operate on the interpreted meaning of the action of the picture. They both rely on the emotional or inferred response from the action or media. 2) I believe it to be completely ethical to make a website more engaging to increase sales or traffic. If a competitive edge can be found by adding more facets to the experience on the web site then the advantage lies with them. Implying that using homogeneous behavior patterns to drive traffic is unethical is short-sighted to say the least. The methods would use to show the implementation of team based management and also the downturn in absenteeism and turnover would be two-fold. I would use an organizational chart to show the connections of the teams, management and interdepartmental relationships. I would use a line chart to depict the changes in the rates Of absenteeism and turnover. I see those two mediums as the most effective way to visually portray the data in a positive, easy way. 4) Referring to a visual in the body of your text or report allows the reader/viewer to create a connection between the text and the usual in a quick way.

This allows for quick review. It also allows for the reader to reference the text when viewing the visual to fully understand its meaning/ s 5) If I were to film a lecture of one of my professors using three cameras would position as follows: I would position one camera to be able to show the “black board” or any other visuals. Would position another to be able to provide tight shots of the professor while lecturing. Lastly would place the third somewhere where it would accurately capture the viewpoint of someone in the crowd to bring the two tighter shots together and allow for ruinations between visual aids and the professor.

Expand Your Skills For this critique chose a video by SEEM which is the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association. This video is a product demonstration of a new line of turbochargers offered through a company called Garrett whose parent company is Honeywell. Honeywell being a global manufacturer in many facets of the automotive marine and diesel markets. The video was set in a large convention center setting during the annual SEEM show in Lass Vegas. The lighting and sound were good considering the potential for lots of aground noise or misdirected lighting from display booths.

The use of B- roll material was limited to cuts showing the individual turbochargers and/or the cutaways/exploded views of those models. I think it was a good plug for an already established brand to get new technology into motorists. I think that the B-roll material could’ve contained some more exciting material such as a shot of the 4,000 horsepower vehicle they mention in the narrative.