Have you ever known that people make more than 2000 kinds of New Year resolution? There are mostly about their health, money, and family connection which people think important. Even though those resolutions might be important, there are 3 much more important resolutions which are read more than 5 books each month, try to get better grades, and have better friend relationship.
First, playing with phone less than 1 hour is an important resolution. With the development of science technology, computers and phones started to improve and entertain us. However, the more people play with phone, the more people will not read books during spare time. According to OECD statistics, 91% of Korean use smart phones at least 7 hours a week. This means we play with our phone 1 hour in each day. Playing phone continuously will lead people to addiction and corruption. Therefore, we should play phone less than 1 hour.
Second, trying to get better grades can be an essential resolution. Majority of people think grades do not affect their future. However, class overall scores can highly affect us. When a person tries to enter a university, he/she has to give their grades to university officials to check how good he/she is. It means the higher score that he/she receives, he/she will enter good university. For example, if a person tries to go to M.I.T, he has to get GPA 3.99. Likewise, trying to have better scores is a good New Year decision.
Finally, the most important New Year resolution is having a good friend relationship. Trying to have a higher rank is a natural instinct that human has. However, this instinct can lead to bullying which cause negative effects. In Daejeon elementary school, 5 students bullied 1 student in an alley. However, that student commit suicide and cause his parents mental problem. Therefore, students should try having a good relationship with friends.
Of course, there are many resolutions that people think it is important. However, there are many…