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What are people’s media consumption habits? How to draft AH press advertisement? What creative message will be produce on the media? How the same creative message will be reproduced to run as an advertising campaign on social media? What are media plan? How to create media schedule? How to control the campaign? 1. 0 LIKE Media Environment Analysis With the development of internet, the British are gradually changing media environment (Scholar, 2012). According to the figure of War Expenditure Report (2011 it was shown that only the proportion Of internet advertising was growing year by year.

By 2010, the Internet has shared 26% of total advertising expenditure (Figure 1). It also was found in figure 1 that traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, television had a decreasing trend from 2005 to 2010, 0% of 5-year growth rate was on television and outdoor, 5-year growth rate of magazines and newspapers were respectively 1 1 % and 8%. Mite (2009) data was shown that 70% of UK adults are now online, among them, the majority having home broadband. Internet users are more likely to browse the internet every day (85%) than watch TV (75%). In this situation, revenues from radio advertising were down 8. % in 2008, while TV was down 4. %, causing both markets to decline (Minute, 2009). Although printed media is in decline and electronic media is up, there are 80% of British adults reading a local newspaper (Davidson, 2013). The research of Minute (2009) points out that the popularity of Free view drives digital TV uptake, with 88. 2% of households receiving multinational TV by 2008. Minute (2009) estimates that subscriptions would increase and the number of multinational households continue to climb. Overall, the recent British media environment has changed a lot.

Obviously, electronic media develop rapidly. Traditional media, however, cannot be moored. According to the data of Minute (2010), total I-J advertising spend fell by around 13% in 2009, with press advertising the worst affected; internet advertising grew from 8% to 23% of total KICK ad spend over the past five years, overtaking TV. Fill et al (2013) revealed in their studies that the cost of Internet rose dramatically between 2000 and 2011, from 1 55 million to 4,784 million. In spied of this, the expenditure of traditional media, such as television and radio, has a slight decline (Figure 2).

Rapid changes in the media environment are the opportunity of advertising communication, as it an break the previous mode of transmission, opening up new channels of communication. In the same time, rapid changes in the media environment are also challenges for the consistency of advertising communication and media tool. That must be considered how to use a combination of new media and traditional media to spread the advertising of Audio AH E-Torn Sweptback. 2. 0 Media Consumption Habits of Over 35-years-old Men Audio have decided to launch 43 E-Torn Sportsman to enter the hybrid car market and to focus on successful men (35 yr 4). 5 years old succeed men could be as a Mr.. Accomplished who is a leader and a go-getter. He is determined to succeed in life and knows from the early age that he needs to work hard in order to achieve his goals. He is a workaholic and places a lot of emphasis on impeccable work ethics and getting along with his colleagues. Equally, he aspires to be a good family man, and being the ultimate planner, he also carefully manages his finances to ensure the wellbeing of the people closest to him. He is an independent thinker and a perfectionist, who at the end of the day needs to know that he is getting the best outcome possible.

For that reason he weighs all the options carefully before he makes any sections (Minute, 2011). According the explanation of mentioned above, this report analyses the media consumption habits of the target audience of Audio. 2. 1 Magazine Younger Mr. Accomplished consume more newspaper media compared with older Mr. Accomplished, giving equal preference to popular tabloids and broadsheet readers, with the more serious type of media well above the average for the younger group (44% versus 33% average).

Younger Mr. Accomplished are more likely to read magazines regularly, but the readership decreases with age. Interest-specific magazines are well read and en’s health mugs as well as free publications score above average for the younger group (15%). 2. 2 Newspaper Data of the National Readership Survey (2013) show that the Sun is top the list of daily newspaper in the UK with 6. 7 million readers per day, followed by 4. 2 million that of the Daily Mail, the Metro (3. 5 million) and the Daily Mirror (2. 9 million).

Similarly, research of the Foci survey (2013) found that there are 40% Of respondents who said they consumed news through newspapers, which respectively is the Sun (25%), Daily Mail (19%) Daily Mirror (13%) and Metro (12%). When combined print and online readership of the newspaper deadlines, the Daily Mail and Guardian saw the largest increase in reach, and Guardian readers more than doubled from 1. 3 to 2. 3 million U. S. Dollars. Guardian scores particularly high among its users to be trusted, there are more than 80 percent rating it highly for this property (Foci, 2013). . 3 Radio 35% of adults claim that they consume messages by the radio. Compared to 68% using any BBC radio station, there are 43 per cent people said they use any commercial radio stations for this purpose (Foci, 2013). The Foci (2013 year) point out that the Internet radio, BBC Radio 2, Radio 4 and Radio 1 has the highest place. These stations regularly broadcast news bulletins every hour (Foci, 2013). For example , 72% of responder from Foci (2013) said they got news by BBC Radio 2 at least once a day followed by BBC Radio 4 (71 %), BBC Radio 1 (66%).

When it comes to evaluate the importance of each source , Foci ( 2013 ) studies show , BBC Radio also has most highly rate associated with some attributes, including “accurate and reliable trustworthy ” fair, impartial ‘ provides a range of opinions”, compared to other users via any wireless power message. 2. 4 TV Foci (2013) figures show that every adult spent around 1 14 hours to watch national or international news on televisions in 2012 (Foci, 2013).

According the data of Foci (201 3), over 35 years old watched news on television by consumed 148 hours in the same period, compared to 38 hours for those aged 16-34 year olds. Foci(2013) research has found that the 78% of adults got news from television channel called BBC one, followed by TV which has 43% of adults to watch news. When it comes to the evaluation of the importance of each source, 69% of responders said that they were willing watch news on a BBC television channel because of the outsource highly, followed is Sky News Channel (62%) and IT”/ (60%).

However, when consider other attributes about the television, such as ‘accurate and reliable’, ‘trust;rotor, ‘impartial and unbiased’, ‘providing a range of opinions’, the Sky News Channel lead the list rate that source the highest, compared to the other channels (Foci, 2013). In this situation, combined budget, ads of Audio ABA E-Torn sportsman will select TV and Sky. 2. 5 Social Media Almost third fourth of all internet users (72%) active on social media. (Davidson, 2013). Among them, there are 72% social media usages who are 30-49 year olds (Mute, 2013).

Minute (201 1) point out that Backbone is the nee social network with largest users in the JACK. Backbone continues to lead the social nonworking list, with 73% of internet users having ever used it by 201 1 . By comparison, only 21% of internet users have used each of the next most popular social networks in the ELK, Twitter and Friends Reunited (Minute, 201 1). Not only has the total user base been growing but the number of members who use Backbone regularly (at least once a week) has also increased, rising from 31 % to 57% of internet users in the three years to 2011.

Backbone has been more successful in drawing new users and attracting jugular usage compared to other networks owing to its diverse offerings of services from photo and video sharing to social games and competitions, made possible by opening itself as a platform and inviting third-party developers to create applications and games deployed via Backbone. Intel’s research (2011) found that while 40% of Internet users use only one social network, while 40% of consumers actually use two or more. Users of other popular social networks are likely to have a Backbone account.

For example, users of Twitter, Namespace and Bebop, or more than 95%, and Foursquare, also a member of Backbone. Minute (2011) also analyses that Backbone is the leader in the field of social networking but other networks such as Linked, providing different services to attract users by their members. As more and more consumers understand the different social networks and their interests, more and more consumers will become a member of multiple social networks to manage all aspects of their lives.

For example, a user might turn to the general Backbone connect, Linked is a professional network, a private social network, family and close friends, deals and discounts and other networks (Minute, 2011). 3. 0 AH Press Advertisement . 1 Advertisement on TV Copy: TV commercials can be a group of automotive robot dancing as the theme. This creativity is inspired the classic movie called Transformers. Content follows: Audio AH deformed red robots and a bunch of other robot car deformation dance on the road. When the other robots have no electricity and stop action, the red robot still dance.

At this time, advertising voice-over occurs while the robot becomes cars driving on the road. Visuals: TV commercials create a relaxed and dynamic visual effect. It is shown that manifestations of humorous by dancing of robot which not only could attract he attention of the audience, but also impressed the audience. The added ad viceroy can help the audience understand the features of Audio AH E-Torn sportsman. Colors: Distortion of red robot comes from the red Audio car is especially pronounced between the buildings reinforced concrete and cement roads. . 2 Advertisement on Magazines Magazine ads use graph CICS and text to reflect the following three features. First one is dynamic and elegant design. Second one is intelligent driver assistance systems. The last one is strong and efficient power system. Visuals: Visual image is as shown in picture 1, picture 2 and pictures. Picture 1 shows the overall shape of the visual image of the Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman, while highlighting the car’s tires, lines, upholstery and other specific visual sense.

In addition, the sport feature of the Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman is prominent by using the elements of mountain, road and blue sky as the background effects. Figure 2 enlarge seat interior styling giving a sense of driving. Picture 3 provides specific batteries and energy management systems of the Audio AH F- Torn Sportsman, easy to read and understand the car’s power structure. Colors: The red car gives people a positive attitude. Use of blue provide a feeling of outdoor sports, while reflecting the Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman is environmentally friendly cars, no air pollution. . 3 Advertisement on Newspapers Newspaper advertisements also use graphics (Picture 4) and text combined form, but, less text. Text just explains several features of the Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman; include price, time to market, high-speed and environmentally friendly hybrid car. Visuals: Visual image is that red Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman gallop on the road (Picture 4, Picture 5). The high-speed of car is shown by blur Background material. The stricture 4 in the background is set cars driving along the beach, while reflecting a strong hybrid, is not afraid of no energy halfway.

Moreover, the picture background setting close to nature, not only showing environmentally friendly features of the car, while exhibiting the characteristics of sport car. Similarly, picture 5 highlights the speed and green energy-saving features. In addition, it also creates a comfortable driving visual effect. The use Of sun and trees in visual effects gives a feeling of freedom. Colors: Still choosing red car is in line with all the means of communication. Green is the color green, rightly match with red can be made a bright visuals. The use of colorful light gives the Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman a unique style charm. . 4 Social Media On social media platforms manufacture topic by the same messages and information on traditional media. Take the Backbone as an example, the discussion page of the Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman is created as show in Figure 6. There are some celebrities registered on backbone to take the lead, especially commercial celebrity to speak on the discussion page for performance and features of the Audio AH E-Torn Sportsman to drive other seers to join the discussion, resulting in the dissemination. The visual design of the main page must be consistent with the visual effects on the traditional media.

Similarly, the use of color is to be the same. Home cover and picture can be used the same visual diagram with traditional media. Similarly creative message reproduce on other social media, including Twitter and Google + and so on. 4. 0 Media Plan According to the analysis Of overall UK media environment and media consumption trends of the target audience and budget cost, draft the following media plan. Two television commercials are broadcast on TV and Sky 1. Special coverage is on the magazine. There are also newspapers and radio advertising. It is shown on appendix 2 about details of the specific media plan.

The reason to develop the media plan as shown in the appendix because concerns about some of the pros and cons on various media. Television has some advantages including high reach, impact of sight, sound and motion, attention getting and favorable impact on image. However, there also are some disadvantages, such as low selectivity, short message life, high absolute costs, high production costs and clutter (Fill et al, 2013). Thinking about the cost, radio and newspapers is the great choose (Fill et al, 2013). When it comes to the high informational content, magazines reach the requirement (Fill et a’, 2013).

Social media have freedom of communication, rapid spread, covering large area of broad features (Mute, 2013). In short, a variety of cross-media tools can make use of each other shortcomings; with a reasonable use can effectively improve the dissemination of results. 5. 0 Media Schedule New products enter the market first thing need to establish a wide range of visibility, the first month of broadcast advertising can take advantage of the gig arrival rate of television advertising on television viewers to build awareness of the product. Simultaneously broadcast radio and publish newspapers in the next two months.