Responsibility project

The Responsibility Project The Responsibility Project by Liberty Mutual Insurance is a place where people can go to watch videos that show many situations all about doing the right thing. All of the videos that I watched were either emotionally moving or thought provoking, which is the whole purpose of the site, to start people thinking and discussing what is right and wrong in the world and how people see this all differently. In the short film “Dancing on a Dream”; you meet a young woman by the name Michael Deprive.

She was born in Sierra Leone during the Bloody Civil War. This War left more than 300,000 children without parents, and she was one of them (Liberty Mutual, Dancing on a Dream). When she was Just three, she was sent to an orphanage where the children were ranked by age, Michael said all this in the video. There she was ranked lowest of the children because she has a skin condition that made her different. Being last meant that she received the last of the food, the last of the clothes, the last of everything.

There are many issues in this video, and one is adoption. According to the video there are 153 million orphans in the world and 95% of them live in developing countries (Liberty Mutual, Dancing on a Dream). Michael was adopted with her only good friend in the orphanage which Michael said, “… That never really happens to people but it happened to us. ” She goes on to speak about how she wanted to become a dancer and is currently a principal with the Dance Theater of Harlem. This issue is important because not everyone sees the world the same way.

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The people that are affected by wars or children being treated roll Just for being different or Just for being orphaned, need to know that there are people out there that would not treat them with malice and would not stop them from doing what they want to do. The people at Liberty Mutual felt that Michael Dependence’s story was important and that is why they made a video about her life. This organization responded to the injustice that happened and is hoping to spread the word so that people can do things about it. I am not sure what external social pressures directly influenced this video, however; on their main site it says, “At

Liberty Mutual Insurance, we work hard to do the right thing. Just like you” (Liberty Mutual, 2013). What I see is a company trying to humanism themselves for their customers. They are probably feeling social pressures from there competitors. None of this means that The Responsibility Project is a bad thing, personally I think it is a fantastic website full of many significant topics that should be discussed. For example, to go back to the topic of adoption, I was unaware of how many children were orphans and I was truly unaware that 95% were in developing worlds.

I figured hat the number would be larger but not by that much. All organizations should take note to what is going on in the world and do something to help. This issue is relevant to organizational decisions because it is a responsible thing to inform people of injustice, I am not saying that companies should tell their employees to adopt but they should make some effort to inform them of the struggles that these people face every day. Maybe they could set up a way for each employee to send part of each paycheck to a starving child, not make it a requirement but an option.

Personally, my hope to one day have the option of adopting. Before this video, however; I was not thinking about the children in developing countries. I do have a feeling of responsibility to do something. This video did not explore any legal issues although I am sure that adopting from Sierra Leone during the Bloody Civil War or even at present is not an easy or quick legal process. There are some ethically issues to discuss. Michael sharing her story was something that she believed was her responsibility so people would know to reach for their dreams (Liberty Mutual,

Dancing on a Dream). Now that she has done that, people should see that they orphanage treated the children unethically but ranking them and serving them based solely on how much they liked each child. We are all children of the world and as such should be treated the same. We have an ethically responsibility to do what is right, and to those people they were doing what they think is right, it is our Job to teach another side, and to show them that it is not ethically right to do what they were doing for those children.