Review and Critical Thinking Questions

Parents can increase communication skills, more social engagement with a while network of peers and adults, significant improvements in motor skills and also exhibiting gender specific behaviors. 3. Negative effects on a child self-esteem is disability, body image, conflict, poverty, and abuse. Sometimes seeing and watching your parent go through struggle it begins to effect you just as much as it effects them and they look at themselves as if its their fault their parent is going through a hard time.

Critical Thinking . Because it’s a term is based on an individual person. Not everybody has the same level of confidence as another. 2. Getting them into camp and activities with children their own age and maybe a little older. 3. By teaching them early, now to read and write well so that they are already ahead. 4. It caused them to be able to with stand high school problems because they are already ahead in developing because they started early and faster than a child whoso parent was late on boosting their self esteem.