Richard Ramirez Profile

When he was two years of age, a dresser had fell on top of him causing him to need stitches on his forehead. Later, when he was five y ears old, he was knocked unconscious by a park swing. He then began to have episode of epileptic seizures. His father was not father was not well educated. He enforced laws a round the household in as if he were a dictator. When he experienced anger, he would r lease it on himself by inflicting pain upon himself. Sometimes to the point of bleeding. W hen Richard was twelve, he experience witnessed the killing of a woman.

His close cousin Mug el, who was later identified as a psychopath, shot his wife in front of Richard. Miguel was d rafted as a soldier in for the Vietnam War. While at war, he would kidnap, sexually casual t, murder, Vietnamese women because he believed that all Vietnamese were the enemy. He took pictures Of the women as he went through the process. He later showed these e pictures to Richard and explained what he was doing. Miguel had taught Richard how to kill people using a knife. Miguel also introduced the use of drugs. Such as marijuana, to Richard , as well as Satanism. Miguel was sent to a Mental Institution after pleading insanity in co rut. After four years, he was released from hospitalizing. As Richard moved on in life, he to k what Miguel had introduced to him and started to use it. He did drugs more often, and too k up Satanism. His official criminal record began in the year of 1977, and he was sent to jive Nile detention. After his first criminal offence, he would then commit several other offences involving drugs, burglary, and carjacking.

As Richard progressed into highlights, he had a job t a Holiday Inn. While on the job, he would stalk women and create sexual fantasies. He a tempted to rape a women while working at the Holiday Inn. He was stopped by the woman en’s husband. Since the couple was from outside of the state, they decided to not testify in c rout. The charges were dropped. Richard had almost gotten away with rape, without an y punish meet. Once Miguel was out of the institution, he began to get involved with Richard’ s life again. He grew older and moved to Los Angles to stay.

At this point, Richard is a Satanist SST who has en in conflict with the law, doing drugs, and is being influenced by a psycho path. Murders and Crimes starting from his first Murder A list of all of the murders which have been traced and confirmed to Richard. ; April 10th 1 984, Killed a 9 year old girl who lived in Orchard’s apartment. ; June 28th 1984, Killed a 79 year old woman in her apartment, she was violent y raped, stabbed and murdered, He then raid her of her valuables ; March 1 7th 1 985, Attempted to kill a woman and killed two other women (all of these women knew each other), He shot them

March 27th 1985, 64 year Old man and 44 year Old woman, shot man and Sat ebbed woman, he also gouger out the woman’s eyes May 14 the 1985, killed 66 year old man and raped a 56 year old woman with t he use of restraints May 29th 1 985, heavily injured and raped two women, ages 83 and 81 , drew a pentagram on one of their thighs and also one on the wall, snuck into their ho me .