Rise and fall of republican rome

This was what every Roman was supposed to do for Rome to be co inspired a good tizzy. Even though Romeos government was tailored to better serve the weal thy, Romeos government was truly a people’s government. The Groomsman Heroic ideal I s someone of wealth or royal birth, in Republican Rome, usually a land owner, who is willing to serve his country however they may be needed especially in its time of need. Rome was all about honoring one’s family be they alive or dead, this meant SE ruing Rome even if it meant to your death to protect her, this one a part of the Roman ethos.

T he reach of Rome was vast and even seemed to know no bounds. This was bound to fail due to he fact that at first only people who lived in Rome were considered citizens of Rome, eventually t he title of citizen was extended to the entire boot of Italy to help appease more people in the R public. While the provinces conquered were not considered citizens they still had to pay tribute , usually in grain or other crops, In return Rome would come to the aid of the people should they fall under threat of attack.

Rome was able to control and manage the spread of power by letting t he conquered people keep their way of life and religion and simply pay tribute, instead of the e Greek tradition f forcing the indigenous people to convert to the mother lands religion and e erect a temple in a Dillon 2 certain deity or deities honor, this assimilation kept most of the people in the SE areas happy with the exception of when the crops did not yield as much as they thought making g it difficult to feed one’s family and pay Rome.

Initially when only landowners were allowed to be in the military due to the FAA CT that supplying ones own armaments was a necessity and also not very cheap, it was difficult for the people that did not own land to demonstrate what almost everyone considered to be the deals off good Roman citizen. In order for the Roman republic to work the way it did it require red people to be able to own up and pay the price for their actions, like Cincinnati who retire d to the farm mentioned prior to after his son was convicted and Cincinnati paid a large if nee after which he retired to his small farm.

The Patricians who in the republic were supposed to essentially have a monopoly power in the political aspect of roman culture came to an end with the Struggle of Orders. The Plebeians before the Struggle were only meant to have nothing more than the right o vote in the Republic’s assembly, looking at the way the republic started it did d not seem like a government that was truly for its people, rather a government that was for the e wealthy people that lived under its umbrella.

The struggle took place essentially so that all me n could be looked upon and treated equal under the law, while this may not have always been t he case every time the two were looked at and deemed to be relatively equal legally resulting in t he eventual allowance of intermarriage of the social classes.

Even going so far as to all owe the Plebeians o have a voice in the say of Rome by becoming a Consul or a senator, this WA s key in the structure of the republic’s foundation because it made them an even truer for mob a republic government much to which the Ignited States was modeled after. Dillon 3 Pompom and Caesar while rather unknowingly at the time were a large reason as to why The Republic of Rome fell. Both men felt that they were doing what needed to be done to help salvage Rome from the problems that were growing within.

While both men worked to dissolve the constitution that was left behind by Usual Pompom and Caesar went about in almost two completely different ways. Pompom wanted to salvage the republic by essential ally removing the corrupted government officials from office, instead of marching on Rome like Caesar Pompom worked from the inside Of Rome from initially persuading the senate to allow him to go to Spain as opposed to disbanding his army.

After being allowed to go to Spain, Pomp eye was able to help in the defeating of the remaining of Marcus’ loyalists and would go on to be gig even half of the credit for the deed of the slaying of the Thracian gladiator Asparagus upon his return from Spain despite he himself not being in the same country at the time Pompom was egg r to accept the glory nonetheless. Making him all the more the peoples champion that he nee deed to be to help repair the republic.

Pompom and people he supported resurrected political o offices such as the attribute, along with other political offices that had not been used prior to Soul la’s rule, to aid him in his grab for more power in Rome. These offices gave Pompom even more co intro in the government than he had as an young consul. Pompom used his army to be grab need consulship despite being too young for the title, Caesar did almost the same thing with hi s armies after the innate had orders his army disbanded and his immediate return to Rome.

W here as Pompom used his army to gain consulship Caesar used his army to gain control Of all of Room e as a temporary dictator. Caesar made his grab to power on Rome after the order of the disbar ending of his army was given, Caesar had the desire to repair the republic to its former glory and that is what lead to his eventual self entitlement of ruler for life. Marcus Coat was a man who belie feed in the Dillon 4 traditional ideology of Rome, this meant he was almost constantly going again SST everything Pompom was trying to accomplish in Rome.

After Pompom had became a me beer of the three headed monster, political and military figures consisting of Caracas and Cases r as well, it became apparent that Pompom was a man who hated opposition even being c ailed the youthful executioner in his early days as a military leader. It was during Career’s rule t hat Coat decided that rather than live an untraditional Roman life he would sooner take his owe n life in the year c. 46 BCC. Caesar executed plans to try and create a peaceful and prosperous nation with Rome restored to it’s proper glory and to once again be worthy of the capital city of an honorable action.

Caesar used his rule to initiate the building of a public hall across from the forum, a business park/ public square. Caesar had also made plans to help with the flooding of the Tip river, and to increase the road maintenance, the draining of the Pinpoint ma rash, and most importantly the reconstruction of the Roman harbor at Costa. All of this was of course to be paid for by the wealth that Caesar had accumulated during his war conquests and the wealth of Egypt that Caesar discovered, some believe that these projects were thought up by Caesar to help raise his image even higher in the public eye.

Regardless of Caesar reasoning for t he building projects they served as a tool to create more jobs for the people allowing the m to be able to earn money for themselves instead Of relying on government handouts to feed the IR families. Unfortunately for him Caesar was beginning to lose favor among his supporter RSI, even Cicerone’s favor towards Caesar was beginning to fade. Cicero had joined Caesar side a after the civil war in the hopes that he would be able to return the republic to its former glory, it became clear to Cicero in the years C-4445 BCC that Caesar was no longer the healing had that

Rome needed and most likely never was. Caesar was set to begin his eastern campaign on March 18, having Dillon 5 made all the proper arrangements for his absence which included leaving two men in charge making it so any request or question for Caesar had to go through those two men. This proved to be problematic due to the fact that the men left in charge were not even seen torso. Caesar had turned into a tyrannical ruler of Rome and it was the hope of those who cons paired to kill him that the republic would heal itself, which we know today did not work as originally intended.

Many civilizations have taken to modeling themselves after the Republican Or me, Hitler for example used Rome for some of the core values in which he ruled and even s mom of their traditions such as the eagle. The founding fathers of the United States of Name Rica looked closely at early Rome on how to shape the constitution so that they may avoid the co irruption of a tyrannical monarch that they were so dishearteningly to escape from. The rep public began its decent into darkness and eventual collapse due to the fact that it allowed to many people to come in and take power without opposition.

When our nation first began and Rome was our model errors were made to some degree by allowing one man to be viewed as the m an with the power. While initially the president had very little power and it truly was a government NT for the people, with each passing president the power Of the title grew. The founders should have designed our government more closely to Rome only leaving out the restrictions of the socio al classes in an effort to perfect the republican system.

All these years after the constitution was drafted the president has become an untouchable tyrannical power similar to that of Julius Caesar in the respect that while there are checks and balances in place to limit his power it I s to easy for them to just bypass the senate altogether. The corruption of Rome was undoubtedly y a result of one man with to much power controlling an entire nation without opposition of re striations and no one being willing to stand up and fight against him.

The founding fathers face d the threat of a Dillon 6 tyrannical government that was across an ocean but they chose to fight back of r their rights to stop the unbraided hand of the monarch. In Today’s society the people are faced tit another tyrannical leader and instead of them living thousands of miles away they are Ii vine on the same continent as them but are deciding to do nothing about it while traditional vale uses and constitutions are being violated.

American citizens have the right to fight gaga nest the tyranny of government like our founding fathers did along with the senators of Rome w ho stood against Caesar. With the opposition of Caesar came the ending of a tyrant and the en d of a government, the similarities between Rome and the United States are more similar than m cost people even legalize or just choose to disregard entirely while tradition is trampled on and t he people are led like lambs to the slaughter.

In Rome if you had money and desired a politic o office all you had to do is buy your vote from the lower classes, the lower class would jump at the opportunity so that they may feed their families a proper meal. Today senators, members of the house, and the president are doing the same thing by making promises to lower taxes, create more jobs, and other things that the people want to hear.

They are buying your vote by telling g you these things o you are more likely to vote for them, paying thousands of dollars for come racial that either promise you things or bash the opponent by telling the people what they don t want is what the other person will give them, and even still going state to state and talking ABA UT these things and answering questions about their plans while in office just like a Roman would go person to person and offer a few gold coins for the vote.

The Roman republic fell because SE too much power was given to one person and the people of Rome were to late to stop it, today American citizens re letting the same thing happen to them. The longer the American people w tit the harder it is going to be to tell when the leader will finally lose favor with the masses and p people try to fix it. Dillon 7 The damage was done to the Roman republic and it could not be salvaged HTH s giving way to the Rise of the Empire.

The Roman empire was the repeating of a cycle of monarch has that had always continued to fail and cause more bloodshed amongst the people than there s would ever need to be in civilized society. The American people are sitting back and watching history peat itself because since the time of the founders, the people have forgotten what tyrant Nicola government does.